Creating Mathematical Connections this Summer

Creating Mathematical Connections this Summer

Summer holidays are a great time for sport and family time. It is also a great time for learning in different contexts where tricky subjects can often be broken down into digestible parts.

The best learning is often the one which creates new surprising connections. The Science Museum in South Kensington (see our photos) continues to pull out interesting angles on science. Phi tuition was quite taken with the history of the calculator (see photo) and also the way in which they explore the importance of science in art. Leonardo da Vinci may have said “Let no one who is not a mathematician read my works” but we have to open up accessible points to progress that learning.

Science and mathematics projects can also help. It can be as simple as tracking the share price of says Facebook versus that of Google over a month using a spreadsheet which might be a good way in to talking about simple arithmetical operations. The new football season starts on 8 the August and looking at match statistics is also another way to develop learning and create new enthusiasms.

Say If your child is an enthusiastic dancer then there are ways to explore maths in their hobbies. An Arabesque is a 180 degrees angle. And there are many more ways to explore the maths of every day life.

We are now busy preparing revision classes for August. Dates are Monday 17 August 2015 – Friday 28 August 2015. Courses run for 2 weeks , 3 days a week is sufficient to give confidence for the academic year ahead. Classes cover GCSE Maths and Science and at AS Level we offer Maths, Physic, Chemistry and Biology. We also run A 2 courses in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

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