Calling all Tiger Mums in London

Calling all Tiger Mums in London

When in the 1980s school exchanges of students were common, BBC 2 TV has now innovated with Chinese School which is now on our screen and is highly addictive (Tuesday night BBC2 from 9- 10 pm).

It features a comprehensive school in Liphook, their courageous and experiment and a competition. The idea is this, instead of students going to a new school in France or in Germany to learn a language (as this correspondent did in 1982), this time the teachers swap classes and the students swap uniforms and systems. But will this alter the students’ understanding? A test will reveal all, one assumes in the final episode in three weeks time. So for the moment there is the drama of discovery….

The programme follows 50 British13 / 14 year olds (year 9), their new Chinese teachers and watches them learn Mandarin, and of course Maths and science. It is now understood that Chinese children are three years ahead of their peers in UK. Chinese students get 11 hours of maths a week and a highly structured delivery, and in science very little time (it appeared to on this episode) to engage in the joy of experiments. This TV programme is an unusual and interesting way for parents to watch and compare the systems (and revise Trigonometry).

The opening episode, first screened on 4th August, (and now available on iPlayer) makes the introduction of the system. Of course Phi tuition is fascinated by the teaching of maths and science in the Chinese system. It appeared from the 1st episode the Chinese style teaching was very fast (the essence of trigonometry was taught in 15 minutes). Understandably the students found that too fast and ended up consulting their UK teacher for a slower explanation.

We will keep you posted of further update and of course which systems “wins”…

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