Parents learn the Chinese Way and why feedback matters to Phi Tuition

Parents learn the Chinese Way and why feedback matters to Phi Tuition

Tuesday night at 9 pm now means BBC 2 (for more information have a look at the BCC site.) Last night’s episode brought out some fascinating points. The plot summary is that a significant culture clash between Chinese teachers and British pupils meant a critical escalation of authority culminating in a parents evening.

We are all now very familiar with the UK Parents Evening as a social and educational institution. In China, the parents meet all as one class and are addressed by the teacher. This one was more like a political hustings. But given the heightened temperature within the school this one had a specific emotional dimension. They needed the parents to understand why education matters in China the way it does and what drives them to push the children the way they do. Culture and political systems aside this was one of the most moving moments in the entire episode.

Feedback matters and not just at parents evening. Please raise any queries immediately with Dr Stefanidis.

Dr Stefanidis believes that is critical to ensuring that science is not learnt as a painful chore but active enthusiastic learning takes place with his students and that this learning endures way beyond the lesson. In many ways this is one of the many reasons that Phi tuition is special place to learn.

We are now busy preparing revision classes. Dates are Monday 17 August 2015 – Friday 28 August 2015. Courses run for 2 weeks, 3 days a week is sufficient to give confidence for the academic year ahead. Classes cover GCSE Maths and Science and at AS Level we offer Maths, Physic, Chemistry and Biology. We also run A2 courses in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

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