Are our kids tough enough (final episode)?

Are our kids tough enough (final episode)?

The story so far. The school has recovered from a student rebellion and we have one week left before the examinations set by an independent research body (oh! and there is some distractions thanks to One Direction “restructuring”…). The maths and science teaching style is very much long hours (7.30 am start) talk and chalk, which to the British children and teachers feels very strange and very “industrial” as one student says.

This is not just about maths and science; this is also about physical education (and a test in various physical exercises i.e. throwing a 2 kg medicine all over 5 metres. If the child fails, he does not pass into the next educational phase.

There is a huge difference in the UK and Chinese mathematics teaching style. Mr Whitworth, featured in the TV programme is much more akin to the way Phi Tuition works, the spirit is very much know the student and their learning style, encourage and enthuse and the rest will follow in the tuition hour.

This is all well timed since we have just completed the exam results cycle in the UK and good to reflect on our own system and the purpose and method of our educational system.

So what happened? Please read below for the results..

PS All GCSE Students with Phi Tuition in maths in 2015 gained a successful A*. Congratulations one and all!

PPS – Plot Spoiler. Chinese teachers and students won over the UK ones (in the TV Programme) beating their UK peers by 10 %. We are all now very familiar with the UK Parents Evening as a social and educational institution. In China, the parents meet all as one class and are addressed by the teacher. This one was more like a political hustings. But given the heightened temperature within the school this one had a specific emotional dimension. They needed the parents to understand why education matters in China the way it does and what drives them to push the children the way they do. Culture and political systems aside this was one of the most moving moments in the entire episode.

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