Back to school and back to maths class for parents

Back to school and back to maths class for parents

For many of you, like the team here at Phi Tuition we could not help smiling at the groups of students going back to school last week. There is something very energising about this time of year, new term, and new resolutions for everyone.

For some parents ensuring that homework gets done in the evening and the weekend can be an enduring challenge. A second challenge is to actually understand the homework that is given. This can add to the stress. With other subjects, say English, it appears relatively easy. Theatre visits can be made. Relevant novels read and films enjoyed. Given the abstract nature of mathematics, physics and chemistry this can be daunting.

So some solutions for this…

There are a variety of short topic guides which have been written for parents. We have checked out a couple including… 50 ideas you need to know Maths by Tony Crilly. This was in a very user friendly format and made you want to read more. Another book we love here is Why do buses come in threes? The hidden mathematics of every day life by Rob Eastaway and Jeremy Wyndham. There is a wonderful chapter (19) on entertaining the children with maths and numbers.

A brilliant resource on Radio 4 is Tim Harford (the Undercover Economist) in his Radio 4 programme More or Less . This just opens up numbers in the public debate and makes the topic of statistics so much more lively.

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