What makes a high-performing student?

What makes a high-performing student?

Many parents and educators try hard to inspire students with various qualities and skills to make sure that they have a comfortable and fulfilling life. There are numerous articles available for parents and teachers on how to pass their skills on to children and, in the end, how to be a good parent or a good teacher. This article, unlike others, is aimed directly for the students.

What really can make you a high performing student? What are the attributes that you may want to develop or enhance to achieve as much as possible from your potential? As you will be tomorrow’s leader, how could you tune into a success mindset?

We recognise the following qualities help to make a high-performing student:

  1. Academic skills

Knowledge is power said Sir Francis Bacon. The abilities of a high-performing student extend to all subjects: art, humanities, linguistics or science. Of course, a student would have an appetite for a certain subject area, but a good student knows that knowledge is power and wants to learn as much as possible, hence, is good at all subjects. They appreciate the importance of these subjects and get into a personal bet to excel even at the subjects that they will not follow in the future.

  1. Self-discipline

Students are not far from athletes. In fact they are athletes training their minds. High-performing students don’t distinguish between learning (at school or within any other environment or activity) and fun, because learning and advancing is fun. They don’t talk about balance between work and life because life is about work and creation. They have a target and they work in focus and consistently to achieve it within the right learning methodology for them. They have to try because only then do they feel the full rewards and proudness.

  1. Intelligent Confidence

As a leader of tomorrow, a good student is confident. They may have weaknesses but they do recognise what they need to improve and take action to get better. It’s not a sign of failure, on the contrary, it is confidence. Resilience and flexibility come together to shape a strong character.

  1. Exemplary Attitude & Behaviour

Finally a high-performing student is the one who leads as an example. They listen and advise the people who are around them. They help others to reach at a point where they wouldn’t get by themselves. They are concerned about their friends and school mates and they think critically about their own actions. A good student recognises that their behaviour acts as an example and they thrive each day to develop as a better person.

The Critical Point

Becoming a high-performing student is not only about achieving A grades, it involves the personality attributes as well. In summary; know what you’re working with – the more you learn the more dots you will connect, find a learning method that is fun for you, believe in yourself and take action to improve your weaknesses, and apply your knowledge and common sense in the life around you to advance as an exemplary person. The parents and educators are helping you in this success journey by playing a big role in demonstrating the importance of all of the above features and mentoring towards achieving the best out of your potential.

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