Keeping the academic challenge over summer

Keeping the academic challenge over summer

Summer is here once again! As students already have started planning towards spending more time with family and friends with all the fun and laughter of the world, the parents may have a different plan to fill the summer with activities that boost the students’ skills, knowledge and creativity. In either case, this isn’t saying goodbye to school for good and there are more challenges ahead when the summer’s magic has gone away. So how can the students continue to challenge themselves while relaxing during summer?

It’s easy to slip out from the school mode and fully invest in winding down. However, spending the summertime without considering the academic challenges ahead, inevitably pushes the students towards forgetting their academic skills and rewind their efforts to the start of their successful year. Although, if any time can be made to increase the level of their academic skills, then the upcoming year’s challenges will turn from struggle to fun.

So, how do we keep our brains active and challenged during the summer break?

  • Boost your reading skills and speed with a 20 minute reading break every day. Parents of students younger than reading age should read to their children to expose them to more vocabulary than used in their daily life.
  • Add to your reading skills and improve your spelling with games. Choose word games and increase the difficulty from very simple to complicated words in order to be more familiar with more complicated words and affixes; or play fun and factual quizzes to measure how well you understand the question from what you read.
  • Clear the math-rust with solving 2-3 math problems every day and/or playing a math game where you can solve problems while having fun. Try solving simple math problems like calculating the change back from a shopping transaction without using a calculator or pen & paper.
  • Check back on the past year. Yes, another revision. However it doesn’t have to be all stressful, just check back on what you’ve done in the past year and have another go at a few questions in each chapter to keep the knowledge fresh every day. If you find something that you’re struggling with, don’t skip. Surely there’s a game you’d like or a fun way of looking at it. Tackle it while there’s lots of free time in a way that you can enjoy it.
  • Have taken science courses? Try looking at things around you and understand the everyday life scientifically i.e. why does the water stay cold longer in a thermos flask?

Obviously, the ideal scenario is keeping the challenges up while enjoying the summer to its fullest. Have fun but make sure you’re ready for what’s ahead!

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