Is independent tuition helping students?

Is independent tuition helping students?

For many parents their child’s education is not something that can be left to chance and this question is an important one. Independent tuition comes in many forms in the modern age; from group tuition sessions to one-on-one help often in the form of a privately hired tutor but, does it help?

A student may need tuition for a number of reasons be it an overall difficulty with a particular subject or a need to improve their knowledge on a particular aspect for a test or exam. It is important for the parent to begin their consideration from the child before investigating the various and myriad options available in the private tuition marketplace.

A parent should begin by asking themselves if their child likely to be receptive to independent tuition. Some children may find it difficult to concentrate outside of a school, especially when there are so many distractions surrounding them at home. There are many stories from private tutors attempting to tutor a child at their home while siblings are playing around their study space or the parents are interrupting the session they are paying for! Some children may have concentration issues which have led to the need for private tuition, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) for example. A child with these type of difficulties may benefit from independent tuition in a small group session, away from the classroom and regular class-mates.

Once the parent has decided that independent tuition is the best course of action for their child, the next consideration should be the tutor. This is a very subjective, as there is no template for the best tutor for your child. Tutors themselves will have varying levels of ability; some will be experts on the subject but perhaps not as expert at tutoring. It is important to find a tutor that suits your child. This may be a teacher at your child’s school offering private after-school tuition for a fee or a well-established independent tutoring agency, like Phi Tuition that will match the most suitable tutor to your child’s needs.

Another important factor will be expense. Tutoring can be an expensive exercise and unfortunately for some parents, an exercise without a pay-off, if the child and the tutor were not matched correctly. Parents should beware of agencies looking for payment ‘up-front’ before having had the opportunity to discuss the tutors the agency has available and know that it is right for their child. Parents should read the terms and conditions of any tuition centre carefully before submitting their money and more importantly, their child to a long-term tuition commitment.

Phi Tuition are experts in science and math tuition and all of our tutors have unique teaching skills, University degrees in their academic fields and are DBS-checked. This means we are the right choice for your child to learn in a comfortable structure environment and we are the right choice for the parent, with most students achieving a 2 grade improvement over the predication before tuition ensuring value for money.

Is independent tuition helping students? With Phi Tuition, the answer is a resounding and reassuring “yes”.

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