Exams 2016 – Another year of celebrating achievements!

Exams 2016 – Another year of celebrating achievements!

Exams 2016 – Another year of celebrating achievements!

At the echo of the A-level and GCSE results, we would like to congratulate each one of our students not only of their superb academic performance but for their resilience, hard work and ethos that they demonstrated during their exams, skills that will be a signature for their rest of their lives.

We are pleased to publish below the warm congratulations message by our Founder & Director Dr Stathis Stefanidis. He writes:

“After the announcement of GCSE and A-level results, I would personally like to extend my warmest congratulations to our students who, once again, are celebrating their achievements. I am immensely proud of the 55% of our students who achieved at least one A or A* in their Science and Maths subjects. And, even more, I would like to congratulate the rest for improving their predicted marks by 2 grades on average. Of course, our efforts would be hopeless without the fantastic support of parents and our excellent team of tutors. So thank you all, and well done!

It would be a long list to include everyone, but we would like to send our special wishes to the following students for the new chapter in their lives they are about to embark:

Douglas: Computing, University of Gloucestershire
Georgina: Music, University of Oxford
Naman: Computer Sciences, Imperial College London
Nora: Mathematics, University of Swansea
Robin: Medicine, University TBC
Soleye: Digital & Technology Solutions, Queen Mary University of London in partnership with Goldman Sachs
Suraaj: Accounting and Finance, University of York
Thomas: Physics, Imperial College London

Now it’s time for your achievements! We’re starting our new term on 5th September 2016 for your journey to success. If you haven’t signed up already, use your time wisely and get in touch now!

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