Why the ages of 11 and 13 can be an extremely important to your child’s future

Why the ages of 11 and 13 can be an extremely important to your child’s future

Parents usually have enough to handle when their children are the ages of 11 and 13 but many may not know that these years can be instrumental in shaping their educational future. The reason for this is the 11+ and 13+ exams also known as ‘Common Entrance’, which are taken by some children in the UK, as part of the admissions process for academically selective or independent secondary schools at age 13 or 11. Pupils usually sit these exams in June but these exams can also be run in January or November.

At 11+, Common Entrance consists of two English examinations, as well as an examination each in Mathematics and Science. At 13+, the Common Entrance consists of Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology or Science as well as additional subjects such as Latin, Geography, History, Religious Studies, and Languages. There are also exams with varying levels of difficulty within subjects, with some selective secondary schools following-up the exam with additional interviews and examinations if required.

The exam is set by the intended secondary school, which marks the resulting paper, setting its own pass criteria. This varies considerably between schools and no reliable comparisons can be made between results achieved at different schools. The secondary schools may choose to not accept a child based on the results and can also use the results as a basis for awarding scholarships and bursaries, making them extremely important to any parent wanting their child to be admitted to a selective or independent secondary school.

Historically, parents and even professional education bodies have criticised the exams as too varying in difficulty and for being simply too stressful for children at the young ages of 11 and 13. If a child (or even an adult for that matter) is stressed before attempting an exam there is a much higher statistical probability of failure, which can lead to children being sent to a secondary school which they and their parents did not choose, potentially leading to even more stress, failure and a very different academic future to the one intended.

The best way to combat this potential stress and to help a child progress well on their educational journey is to help the child prepare for these exams correctly; this is where Phi Tuition can help. Our students receive specialist Math and Science tutoring at these ages, which have been proven to attain outstanding success rates. 65% of our students achieve at least one A or A* in our subjects and, on average, they improve by 2 grades than their predicted ones. We focus our efforts on preparing our students for their exams regardless of their age, by providing them with the best exam techniques. Get in touch with Phi-Tuition today, the result is happy, successful, stress-free children and parents!

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