5 Successful Revision Tips You Need to Know

5 Successful Revision Tips You Need to Know

KS3, A-Level, GCSE Revision Tips

We’ve all been there, looking for the best & quickest revision tips. When; the school bell rings and it’s the last chime for half-term, so off we ran home for a few weeks of staying in bed all day (unlikely with working parents around!) and playing with friends all night until the school bell sounds once more. And for some there may be the family holiday which has been booked for an eternity rolling over the horizon to be excited about.

And then as we got older the chime from our parents would echo in our heads, regarding just how important it was to revise during the half-term break and take the opportunity to advance our education. To be ready for the imminent exams they were worrying about all the time while we lazed, played and holidayed. So we would ‘hit the books’ which often meant dusting off that old school book, flicking through, reading bits of pages (they call it ‘scanning’ now these days) until finally a distraction arrives, hopefully dinner. This attempt at revision would cycle until the familiar school knell.

Those were the days of happy childhood oblivion, but now teens are far more aware of the world around them and acutely aware of the pressures in the real world beyond education. Time, including half-term revision, is to be taken seriously by those wishing to be ready when the bell sounds. The key is to use your time wisely and squeeze every last drop of learning out of the revision period.

So what are our 5 successful half-term revision tips?

  1. Tutoring. Of course the best way to revise during the half-term is to attend a tutoring session, either one-to-one or in a group, which focuses on the subject you need to revise and will ensure the revision is expertly delivered in the most effective way
  2. Be organised. Set a time each day aside for revision and stick to it. Let people know you are revising and for how long. Put your phone aside and don’t have social media tabs open on your browser while you revise
  3. Prove your efforts. Force yourself to prove what you just learnt during the session. Note down the facts that could potentially be written onto an exam paper. This will help ensure you have all the key elements and in the correct order without having to write the entire essay
  4. Look after yourself. Remember to take regular breaks and drink plenty of liquids to prevent fatigue. Get some fresh air between revision sessions. Eat healthy food and go to bed earlier in order to get plenty of sleep
  5. Don’t panic! It’s very easy to over stress about half-term revision and their resulting exams but this will be unlikely to help and may affect performance. Stay calm and follow these tips

Phi Tuition has a fantastic half-term revision planner which can help and if you need any additional guidance or to arrange successful half-term revision tutoring please get in touch today.

“I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.”  -Estée Lauder

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