Homework Help | Why homework is important and how you can provide homework help to your child

Homework Help | Why homework is important and how you can provide homework help to your child

Homework Help

Why homework is important and how you can provide homework help to your child.

As adults and parents it is easy to see the value of homework, especially when done correctly. There is great value to the learning a child achieves by working through problems alone, math practice for example, but parents can add additional value to their child’s education.

Learning math

When a child is learning math it is good for a parent to understand the modern methods involved. The teaching of math has changed and can also vary between schools and regions so it is important to sit with your child and let them educate you first! Once you understand the delivery method the school is using the parent can then provide homework help the correct way. Trying to re-educate your child with an archaic method will only confuse and make learning math more difficult.

Science help

For many parents, the thought of helping with science can be daunting but there are some more practical ways a parent can provide science help. For example, Physics includes matters of heat, light, sound, electricity and magnetism. Most parents should be able to demonstrate to a child the practical applications just from items around the home. Do not take for granted your child’s grasp of the world around them especially young students; show them the element in the kettle that will boil the water, the air-wave vibrations of a music speaker and the fridge magnets not held there by magic! When the child advances with their science, take the child to public buildings of scientific interest. There’s nothing quite like seeing the great achievements of the scientific community before they settle down to that tricky science homework.

General homework help

There is also some more parental homework help that will help your child improve the results from their homework. Provide a quiet area for the child to study and set a regular time window for the homework which is not too late for the child. Provide the equipment they need to execute their homework from pen and paper to mathematical calculators as required. And it is also important for the parent to always remember to pay attention to your child’s homework. Ensure they are encouraged, in subjects where they are showing promise and subjects they may be struggling with. It is not wrong to have expectations from your child and by providing general homework help you can help them to meet your and their targets.


Phi-Club is another great way for parents to help their child by providing access to an academic club specifically for students to come and work independently with extra questions on topics of their choices; whether that is school work or help with homework in a quiet learning environment with study material provided which is designed to provide the expert homework help your child needs.

Phi Club is now offered for free to our existing students and you can always express your interest in joining Phi Club by getting in touch.

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