Does Your Child Need Tutoring? What Parents Need to Know

Does Your Child Need Tutoring? What Parents Need to Know

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We know that the first part of any successful tuition process is for a parent to identify and understand that their child needs addition help. This may be because, as is common, they have seen their child’s grades slipping steadily downhill but that is just one of many reasons why a child may need a tutor. A child may have missed a vital part of their education in a particular subject because of an enforced absence from school, illness or suspension perhaps. The parent may also identify their child is having difficulty understanding maths or they need additional help with science, when these subjects extend beyond the initial core material.

Another common reason a parent will choose a tutor for their child is simply to help their child achieve the best possible grades they can at the latest set of exams looming large on the calendar. However, in this sense, the students don’t have to be weak or failing at a subject to be tutored. High performing students also need regular guidance, mentoring and coaching, just like the Olympic athletes, because they are competing with other highly performing students. As the attention to detail will make the difference, the students need professional mentoring to grasp the finest details in their subjects. Once the parent has taken the first step on the path to helping their child, the next step is to understand the type of tuition that will fit with their child.

What is the best type of tutoring for my child?

Tutors and tuition agencies come in many different forms and this can be a minefield for any parent concerned with the education their child receives. Proving the child is computer literate (what child isn’t these days?) they could be tutored entirely online for example. This is a convenient way to further their education but many parents find the temptation to segue into other non educational material is too great with the entire internet at their disposal and this needs to be heavily supervised.
There is also the option for a tutor to visit the child at their home for tuition or for the child to visit a tutor. It is vital a parent sees proof of any qualifications the tutor claims to hold and to also perform a background-check on the tutor in both cases. A home visit to the child allows them to be comfortable during their tuition but this can be a double-edged sword; with comfort comes complacence and this applies to the child and to the tutor too; both possibly distracted by homely noises and/or siblings or parents checking in on the student or the tutor.

Another type of tutoring for a child is to attend a dedicated learning centre, where they can learn in a relaxed but professional atmosphere amongst other children needing the same level of tutoring.

Why choose Phi Tuition for your child’s Maths and Science tutoring?

Phi Tuition are experts in maths tuition as well as science tuition and have been proven to improve a child’s exam results by 2 GRADES, using specially designed course materials and advanced tuition techniques. Our tuition is provided in specialist learning centres, which provides a fantastic environment for education.

All of our maths tutors and science educators are experts in their fields and holders of university degrees. They are also DBS-checked and are perfectly suitable to tutor your child.
When a child needs tuition assistance, a parent needs to know where they can turn to find the tuition they need, Phi Tuition are ready and able to help. Get in touch with us today and take a step towards the best type for tuition for your child.

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