Keeping Your Children Focused on Learning During the Festive Period

Keeping Your Children Focused on Learning During the Festive Period

It can feel like Christmas is coming earlier each year, especially with toys being advertised from early November. It’s therefore no surprise that children may start to lose focus on learning at home over the Christmas holidays. With the excitement of Santa coming, children aren’t interested in learning.

Breaks are an important time for children to recharge, but assigned homework may fall to the bottom of the to do list. Failure to do homework could mean your children aren’t prepared for the new year. As a parent there is a lot you can do to ensure your children’s learning stays on track over the winter holidays.

  • Learn online or with apps

Before your child breaks up for the winter holidays, ask their teacher about any online resources your child can access. There are many websites that make learning fun for children and are suitable for your child’s age and curriculum level.

  • Turn everyday errands into a chance to learn

When you’re out shopping, ask your child to help with the list and test their spelling of items on the list. You could also ask for help adding up the shopping as you go along. This will help test their mental maths and budgeting, which are important life skills.

  • Make reading a priority

Many studies show the benefit of reading with your child. It can be part of a bedtime routine and is a nice break from the TV or tablet. You can read seasonal stories and encourage your child to join in or let them select their favourite book. Aim to keep the session to around 10 to 15 minutes

  • Keep a regular bedtime

Christmas is exciting for children and staying up late is a treat, but this can quickly backfire and disrupt their usual bedtime. Aim to keep bedtimes as consistent as possible; this will ensure they are able to focus on some learning during the day and will be ready to get up early when they go back to school.

  • Take your children out and about

Everyone can be tempted to stay home during Christmas, but the odd day out to an educational place such as a museum is a great opportunity for children to learn something new. Research local events in your area that are child friendly. You could even set up a treasure hunt around a local town with interesting historical facts.

Where you feel your child may benefit from some one on one help, our online courses are an ideal way to help your child stay focused on their learning during the festive period. Online learning is a cost effective way for your child to keep focused, especially if you’re away on holiday. The sessions are tailored to your child’s specific needs and learning goals.

If you’re interested in finding out how Phi could help your child with their learning during the Christmas holidays please do get in touch.

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