GCSE tuition  – How to choose the best GCSE tuition centre for your child

GCSE tuition  – How to choose the best GCSE tuition centre for your child

It is natural for a parent to want the best for their child when looking for a GCSE tuition centre, especially when this relates to ensuring their success at GCSE level. It is no secret that a good set of GCSE results is a minimum requirement for many colleges, universities and employers and without them it can be difficult for any child to succeed in the modern world. Understanding the importance of GCSE tuition is one matter but how do you choose the best GCSE tutor for your child, to ensure they do not fall short at this fundamental level?
Firstly, you should consider what ‘best’ means to you and your child? This can and does vary per child but there are some basic requirements that you should ensure are in place before allowing your child to be tutored at such a pivotal stage of their education.

Safe – is it safe for the tutor to educate my child?

No-one needs reminding of the many horror stories that exist relating to children and their educators but Phi Tuition is here to put your mind to rest. We are an established tuition centre based in Chiswick and Harrow providing GCSE tuition amongst other levels and as such all of our tutors are thoroughly background checked via the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) which helps employers make safer recruitment decisions and prevents unsuitable people from working with vulnerable groups, including children.

Qualified – is the tutor even qualified to educate your child?

Anyone can claim to be an expert in a chosen field but that is not enough. For example, a tutor that learnt about computing in the 1970’s would now have over 40 years of expertise, however if they haven’t kept up to speed on the modern computing methods and languages the expertise they impart could be irrelevant and damaging to your child’s chance of success.  All Phi Tuition tutors hold a minimum of a modern university degree and are extremely passionate about their chosen subject, which ensures they are on the cutting edge of any changes in the field.

Inspiring – is the tutor able to hold my child’s attention and improve their results?

Young children are often educated between the many distractions available to them so it is vital the tutor can connect with the child. Phi Tuition only employs specialist tutors that not only have deep knowledge of their subject but more importantly have innovative and exciting ways to impart their knowledge, using especially designed resource materials and helpful learning techniques. This helps inspire them to concentrate on the subject long enough for the knowledge to ‘bed in’ ensuring the GCSE tuition they received will be readily available to them when called upon during the ticks of the GCSE exam clock!

Measurable – is the tutor providing a measurable improvement for my child?

If you have chosen the best tutor for your child then this improvement should be clear to see. Phi Tuition students often raise their expected exam results by 2 whole grades. This can really help a child feel more comfortable in what may have been a previously difficult subject and even inspire them to continue within the field at college, university or as an employee. We also have recently launched Nucleus Portal which will provide a “core” system for our registered students’ parents to monitor and measure their child’s tuition performance whenever needed.

The Phi Tuition difference

The best tutor for your child is the one that can take them from struggling student to interested, engaged and knowledgeable student of a subject. Contact us today so we can provide the best GCSE tuition for your child and they can succeed at the fundamental GCSE level and into their lives beyond.

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