Nucleus Portal – the powerful web-based platform for students and parents

Nucleus Portal – the powerful web-based platform for students and parents

Phi Tuition has launched this year a new portal designed to help students and parents to stay informed on all aspects of tuition.

For many parents, once tuition has been arranged it can be extremely difficult to stay in the loop regarding what exactly their child is learning. Asking the child will often result in a grunt along the lines of “stuff” whereas asking the tutor can result in a baffling stream of big words! Neither of these is satisfying to any parent, especially those deeply interested in their child’s education and future. Phi Tuition is also deeply interested in the advancement and success of our students, which is why we have created the Nucleus Portal, a powerful suite of tools designed to help both students and parents.

The Nucleus Portal is an innovative new platform which presents all the information needed to not only know what a student is learning now but why they are learning it, what they will be learning next and evidence of the results achieved during the lifetime of the tuition. This provides a great way for a student to understand what is required from them at all times and also provides fantastic peace-of-mind for parents investing in their child’s education.

The Nucleus Portal includes the following features:

Custom Calendar

Updated calendar showing the registered courses offered by Phi Tuition. The calendar also illustrates a schedule of any additional supporting courses which could help, including Phi-Club.

News and Feeds

Receive instant notifications relating to all announcements and any new downloadable support materials available to a student. There is also a very useful notice of any skipped classes which can be sent to parents, should the student not quite manage to make it to the class as promised!


This is a very powerful section of the portal which shows:

  • The chapter was taught at the last session and precise details relating to the homework was set,
  • Supporting files of any extra notes and exam questions, as well as work-sheets and homework papers,
  • Test performances including results which includes any supporting comments from the class tutor
  • Performance profile showing each student’s performance in a particular class compared to other students’ performance average.


A list of all relevant exam dates including a useful countdown of the months, weeks and days remaining until the exam. This can really help both students and parents prepare for all of the forthcoming exams and plan for success.


Downloadable test performance reports per class. This is a great way for both students and parents to track all of the results achieved and quantify the amount of value added by the tuition.


It is very easy for both students and parents to put their faith in a tutor, only to discover after an exam failure that there were issues with the tuition provided. With the Nucleus Portal, available to Phi Tuition students, we have removed all of the guess-work out of tuition. Contact us today and be part of the tuition revolution.

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