Is tutoring necessary? Even for bright students

Is tutoring necessary? Even for bright students

Does tutoring help the successful students? Many parents believe tutoring is only for those having difficulty keeping up with a particular module or subject and this can also been seen as an admission that their child is not as able as the rest. This is simply not the case. The modern ultra-competitive world consists of very fine lines even for bright and gifted academics in which tutoring can help offer an advantage, even in subjects where they are demonstrating particular aptitude. It is not uncommon for universities or employers to be presented with many ‘top of the class’ applicants and it can be additional tutoring for gifted students which can make all the difference between the exam success and failure.

For a student gifted in a subject there can be a tendency for any educator in the mainstream to consider “their work done” with the individual as far as the national curriculum is concerned, often leading to good students being overlooked during class in favour of the peers around them trying to catch-up. This can lead to the bright child simply being set extra questions (no doubt easy for them to answer) along the same format, in order to keep them busy and out of the teachers hair which makes it very easy for a gifted child to grow bored and uninspired. And if the bright student refuses to be ignored and attempts to delve deeper into the subject, this can be threatening to the teacher as they know the rest of the class are not ready or able to accept the level of detail suggested. This is usually speedily quashed with uttering of “we’ll get to that later” or “do you need some more questions?” Both of these should be seen as unacceptable to the student that is simply enjoying and excelling in the subject and to any parent that does not want their child held back in class just because they are bright. This is one of the reasons why we also created the Phi Club, where students can come and study further, get homework help, ask their questions, practice different types of questions & exercises or even discuss further theories on their subjects.

Phi Tuition understands that even gifted students can benefit greatly from tuition in their specialist area. The curriculum is not able to cover everything there is to know and most students showing enhanced ability will also have a desire and hunger to dive even more deeply into a subject. As expert tutors in maths and science, both subjects of incredible breadth and detail, we are able to offer challenging and engaging tutoring to even the brightest and most able of students. This has many benefits; not only does it offer the student the opportunity to increase their overall knowledge and to understand in greater detail the finer points of what they learnt but also any university or potential employer will be able to see that their interest in the subject extends well beyond that of their peers.

Get in touch with Phi Tuition today and let’s discuss how we can supply the necessary tutoring for bright students to help develop your child’s gifts and abilities beyond good marks and into deep valuable knowledge.

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