Can Tutoring Classes Help Prevent the Fear of Failure

Can Tutoring Classes Help Prevent the Fear of Failure

Why do we suggest tutoring classes can help overcome the fear of failure which prevents students’ success? A fact often overlooked is that children of all ages can also suffer from the effects of stress and fear and a fear of failure can seriously affect a child’s ability to function at home and at school.

Tutoring classes and fear of failure

Firstly, we all know that stress is a natural part of every person’s life. We’ve likely all been stressed at times in our lives. This is in fact a good thing to a certain extent. Without a certain amount of stress the human race would not have been compelled to achieve many of the fantastic inventions and break-throughs which now make up modern living. Fear, on the other hand, can be very damaging. For example, it can turn even the most confident and out-going of adults into a nervous wreck. Not to mention the students without the guidance of tutoring classes.

A new study conducted by a mental health foundation on ten and eleven year olds found that two thirds of the children surveyed worry all the time. The main causes for this worry were family, friends and a fear of failing at school with over 40% feeling that their worries were interfering with their school work. As we are all too aware, the worries any ten and eleven year olds face are also likely to increase once puberty and teenage years appear just over their horizon. On the other hand, tutoring classes counteract this by helping students’ to build up their confidence. Not only on their subjects but also mentally.

How can tutoring classes help my child?

In order to help your child, it is important to identify if your child is feeling worry or over-stressed. You can see this by noticing sudden changes in sleeping patterns or in their behaviour. For example, your child may become withdrawn or no longer wanting to participate in an activity they used to enjoy. They may also demonstrate overly aggressive behaviour towards family members or become ‘sick’ and want to avoid school, which may also coincide with test dates.

Once you are aware your child is feeling worried you can help them by firstly offering them the opportunity to talk about their feelings and to offer reassurances. If they particularly worry about school, discover what it is exactly that is upsetting them. Are they being bullied or are simply struggling with a particular subject? If bullying is the case, it is important to address this matter with the school. If they are struggling with a subject then tutoring classes can help them to progress and reduce their worries.

How can Phi-Tuition’s tutoring classes help?

If you discover your child is having difficulty with a school subject Phi-Tuition is here to help. All of our expert tutors in our tutoring classes have many years tutoring students of all ages. With this in mind, our tuition courses are able to teach your child even the most difficult of subjects. We conduct this in a way in which your child can understand and enjoy. It may be that they are struggling to gain an overall understanding of a subject or simply a particular module. In either case get in touch with Phi-Tuition today for tutoring classes past the difficulty and their fears. Let’s put them firmly onto the road for success.

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