Is your child a budding engineer or builder? They may need private tuition help to raise their T-level!

Is your child a budding engineer or builder? They may need private tuition help to raise their T-level!

You’re probably wondering two things at this point, what a T-level is and why it would need private tuition help?

What is T-Levels and how can private tuition help?

T-levels are a brand new grading system which is being announced this week. They will be replacing A-levels in some aspects of technical study. This has been unveiled by Philip Hammond, the recently appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer, as part of a radical overhaul of technical training qualifications costing over £500 million pounds annually. The reasoning behind the decision is to help UK students get ahead of the Brexit curve and to be significantly ready to compete in an open market. A good idea when you consider the UK is ranked 16 out of 20 when weighed against other developed economies. The playing field is especially far from level and steps need to be taken now.

Why T-Levels?

Part of this overhaul involves renaming some of the current 13,000 A-Level qualifications. Because, ‘T-level’ with just 15 courses titles will include engineering and manufacturing, business administration, catering and construction amongst others.
The Chancellor is working with Lord Sainsbury, the Cambridge University chancellor and former Sainsbury’s supermarket executive on the matter. Mainly, the drive is designed to commit significant investment to the development of technical education increasing national prosperity. Not to mention improving social mobility to enhance national productivity at the same time. It is thought to be the biggest change in education since the introduction of A-levels over seventy years ago and planned to be implemented by 2020.

What does this mean to my child now?

Although Brexit waters are ‘murky’ currently, few doubt that the UK will be leaving the EU one way or another. Subsequently, this can mean many students without private tuition help will have difficulty competing with their international peers in just a few years time. Undoubtedly, many of the technical courses will weigh heavily on students. Especially with in-depth knowledge and ability in maths and some science courses. Private tuition help is necessary for students of all ability levels. For this reason, Phi-Tuition are always on the cutting edge of changes in education matters. So, our tutors are fully able and ready to help your child attain the necessary qualification standards.
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