Signs that your child may need the support of a tutor

Signs that your child may need the support of a tutor

With the recent education shake-up, many schools are struggling to even secure funding for stationery, let alone extra funding to ensure the best quality in teaching for students. It’s no surprise then that some children may start to struggle and slip between the gaps in the education system. Here are some signs that can suggest your child is in need of support from a home tutor.

Your child is struggling to manage their time

Time management is a key skill that children learn and have to utilise in order to successfully manage their schoolwork. However, if you notice that procrastination is starting to creep in, such as late projects and last minute homework in the car, it might be a sign that your child is struggling to manage their time. If it seems to be a certain subject they are struggling with, such as Maths or Science, it could be that they are struggling with the subject. A tutor could help your child to put better study habits into place and practise their time management.

Losing their confidence

Many children can lose their self-confidence at times, but they can generally bounce back quickly. New subjects or areas  within a topic can start to chip away at your child’s confidence in tackling new challenges. A lack of confidence may mean that your child doesn’t answer questions in class or ask for help from the teacher. Home tutoring offers an excellent chance to fully support your child in a specific topic and give them back their thirst for learning.

Learning anxiety

It’s pretty common to freeze up at times of uncertainty, especially in tests. Exams do make up a large portion of the education system, so it’s hard to avoid. Your child may be displaying signs of mild anxiety around test day or getting less than good results when they are normally very capable. Home tutoring can help your child to prepare for exams in the comfort of their own home. A tutor can coach your child through the exam process with extra practise and ensure they are understanding the topics.

Learning disabilities

Children with learning difficulties often have to work much harder than their peers, and this can leave them with little time to really absorb the lessons. Home tutoring can very much benefit children with learning difficulties as the lesson can be taken at their own pace and suitably adapted. A tutor can also help your child in certain areas and prepare accordingly for exams. Sadly, as cuts mean less resources for schools, specialist help can be difficult to get for children with milder learning difficulties.

Do you have enough time to support your child’s homework?

Modern family life is busier than ever, and often both parents have to juggle work, school runs, and running a household. It does take a lot to manage, and fitting in time for homework supervision can be difficult. A home tutor takes that pressure off parents and ensures they are getting the support and focus on topics in the right area.

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