A Career in the Public Services

A Career in the Public Services

Choosing a career path can be a daunting challenge for many young people, in a modern day world full of pressures; pressure to conform, to succeed academically, along with a whole host of other things to contend with. It can be very easy to be blinded by the choices that need to be made at such an important time in a young person’s life, it can also be incredibly hard to make the right choices, particularly if you feel like your options may be limited by factors such as predicted GCSE grades or the job market.

Considering a career in the public services might just be the ideal solution for many people facing the above issues, leading to a long and successful career in one of the many services that fall under the umbrella of public services.

The public services include an incredibly wide array of very different services, taking in everything from banking and civil service, to Trading Standards and the Office of National Statistics. But here we will focus on just three, The Armed Forces, The Metropolitan Police Service and the Fire Service.

The Armed Forces

Traditionally, a career in the armed forces was thought of as something of a last resort, something to fall back upon, when all other options had been exhausted. In the modern world, nothing could be further from the truth, with a massive array of highly specialised careers, along with levels of training and investment in people that anyone might struggle to find elsewhere, a career in the armed forces is a much sought after, increasingly popular, long term career option.

The Metropolitan Police Service

Many FE colleges now offer dedicated public service courses, to teach and enhance the skills needed for a career in the Metropolitan Police service, as the application processes can be challenging, in both its thorough vetting and in terms of sheer numbers of applicants, it is worth giving yourself or your child the best possible chances with GCSE Maths and English grades that are as good as they can possibly be.

The Fire Service

Similarly to the police and army, a career within the fire service, requires skills such as discipline, flexibility of thinking, teamwork and communication skills, as with the others, good GCSE grades are also a big plus point and the best possible foundation for future success, a dedicated college course in public services, tailored towards 16-19 year olds; will help to focus the path ahead and hone the skills needed, readying you or your child for the application process, and, hopefully a long and successful career within the public services.

Anyone considering a career in the public services is going to face challenges, but also importantly, incredible rewards, both in terms of job satisfaction and the opportunity of a long-term career with excellent opportunities for progression. Making plans as early as possible for GCSE courses, will offer every chance of success, and extra tuition during holidays can prove incredibly beneficial. For more senior positions and specialised roles within the public services, A-levels will be required, even degree level qualifications can be worked towards alongside a progressive and fulfilling career that is available to anyone.

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