Phi Awards 2017

The Phi Awards were awarded with great honour once again this year as a recognition of the outstanding achievements of our students from all levels throughout the year.

Overall ten awards had been given, two for each year group:
  • 13 (A-level),
  • 12 (AS-level),
  • 11 & 10 (GCSE), and
  • 9 to 7 (KS3)

The first award was given to the best performing student in each year group:

The awards were decided in terms of their academic achievement, taking into account their performance in our tests, the quality of their delivered homework and their overall class participation and attitude.

The second award was given to the most improving student in each year group:

The awards were decided taking into account their progress from the level when they joined our classes to their current level.

All of our teachers and tutors participated in the selection process and we must add, it has been a very difficult decision to select among a great number of bright candidates.

Here’s to another successful year with Phi Tuition!

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