7 Learning Styles You Need To Score A+

7 Learning Styles You Need To Score A+

Learning styles describe the different ways through which people acquire knowledge. Everyone has a different way of learning. To excel in your studies, it is important to know the type of learner you are. Below are some of the few learning styles;

#1. Visual learning style

It is also referred to as the spatial learning style. Visual learners prefer using images, diagrams and pictures. Most learners recall information more when it is given to them visually. Visual learners take notes during presentations and prefer to work alone. They are known to be quiet, focused students that scribble things when bored and sit at the front of the class. Such learners should highlight their notes often to enhance their memory. To favour these learners, teachers should write an outline of the lesson and use slideshows and diagrams during the lesson.

#2. Aural learning style

Auditory learners rely on listening to acquire knowledge. They depend on hearing as the key way of learning. Auditory learners should ensure that they are hearing whatever is being said and avoid distractions to comprehend. They are quite good in taking short notes during class. They are more likely to pass in oral exams. Teachers should involve students in group discussions, and try reading aloud during lessons.

#3. Verbal learning style

This type of learning is through the written or spoken word. These learners tend to read aloud and ask many questions in class. Verbal learners are good at spelling and recalling jokes. However, they easily get distracted by surrounding noise. Teachers should make songs that relate to a certain subject, use mnemonics and repeat things over and over for the learners to understand.

#4. Physical learning style

It is also known as the kinesthetic learning style. Kinesthetic learners learn through taking part in physical activities. They comprehend better when allowed to move around when being taught. These students perform well in physical education and dancing. Teachers should ensure that the students carry out experiments. Another great way to keep the students moving is through role playing.

#5. Logical (mathematical) learning style

Learners in this category prefer to use logic and reasoning. They are keen with numbers, problem solving and sequences. They are likely to excel in computer science, mathematics and technology. Logical learners aim at understanding the content and skills. They should identify key points and note them down. Teachers should teach these students using projects, computers, analytical programs and visual materials.

#6. Social learning style

These learners prefer studying in groups. They understand better when sharing their thoughts and listening to how people respond. Learners in this category are very social. Social learners are good in role playing and should aim at working with others to excel in their academics. Teachers should create more group discussions.

#7. Solitary learning style

This type of learning is mostly used by the quiet, soft-spoken students. They prefer to read on their own. These learners like to set goals on their own and work towards achieving them. To get to them, teachers should give assignments to the students and ask them questions in class.

In conclusion…

We must all know the type of learning that is best for us to succeed in our studies. You are probably using the wrong style, and that is keeping you from exploiting your full potential. At Phi Tuition, we try to understand our students’ different learning styles to ensure we teach them accordingly.

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