Key Difficulties Students Face When Going Into Exams and How to Deal With Them

Key Difficulties Students Face When Going Into Exams and How to Deal With Them

Students may struggle to perform well in exams due to a lack of, or ineffective pre-exams preparations. Normally, we have all experienced challenges in studying at some point in our lives. These difficulties can lead to poor performances, especially in exams. Thus, overcoming these problems is a crucial part of the learning process especially for students who have a huge workload. Here are some of the common pre-exams issues students experience and how to deal with them.

Lack of exams resources – Some students may lack the right resources that they need to prepare for their exams. Some of these include learning equipment, books, teachers to discuss with or any other thing that is required for effective learning. For books, students can request their teachers to recommend the right books. Students should talk to their parent to provide equipment such as stationery, laptop or PC. Students can convince their parents about the need of these devices in aiding their learning.

Time management – Studying for upcoming exams requires excellent time management. If students struggle with deadlines, feel school work is overwhelming or sleep late due to homework, then they should check their time management skills. Students should keep a list of what they are required to do during the day and set deadlines for completing them. They should also get up early, plan their day and exercise discipline with their daily routine to avoid wasting time.

Lack of organisation – Being organised is crucial for a student because it will help him/her to have adequate revision time. However, most students fail to balance school work and fun activities. Planning in advance helps students to organise their exam preparation around their daily life. There are websites that can help you in planning your study timetable to make you more organised.

Procrastination – Procrastination is one of the major problems that students face. Sometimes, one may not even know that they are doing it. Students should adhere to their study timetables and avoid reading other subjects that are not on their schedules. When it is time to study, they should do so and avoid using studying time to chat with their family members or watching TV.

Lack of concentration – Students should find the right style of learning that helps them to concentrate more easily. Experimenting with different learning styles will help you find one that suits your needs. If you have problems concentrating on your revision, you should take some time off and relax. A good rest will help you feel refreshed and more focused when you start reading again.

Difficulty remembering figures and facts – Most students preparing for examinations complain that they have difficulty remembering all the information needed to effectively answer exams questions. Remembering information can be difficult especially for students who are studying several subjects at the same time. Students can deal with this by making sure that they properly understand concepts to assist them in recollecting during exams. Memory aids can also help especially for students who struggle to retain crucial information.

In a nutshell…

If you are experiencing some of the aforementioned challenges, a study coach will be helpful for you. Study coaches specialise in assisting students to deal with exam preparation challenges. They will offer useful support and help needed to ensure that you prepare for your exams without much distraction. You can check out various coaches and choose one that suits your education needs. Phi Tuition can help you with a perfect study coach to help you with your studies.

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