FoE: How Phi Tuition Plans To Make Education Work For All

FoE: How Phi Tuition Plans To Make Education Work For All

The Festival of Education brings together innovative policymakers, advocates, educators and change practitioners in the teaching field.

Of course, it is the best place to celebrate, learn, explore, connect debate and learn. Phi Tuition attended the Festival of Education recently to celebrate and share our experience and ideas with colleagues and others. It was a wonderful event just like the many other similar events in the industry. The talks with colleagues, the debates, the drive, the passion are just a few of the things that make the FoE special. Our director spoke to the colleagues and the Master in charge of the college. One of the highlights of the festival was the matter regarding How Phi Tuition Plans To Make Education Work For All. Education can work for us when all the stakeholders and students come together and make vital changes.

Here’s How Phi Tuition Plans To Make Education Work For All

Tutors and trainers can ensure that school system works better at getting the young individuals into their dream jobs. Consequently, this can be achieved by making sure that students get the skills to excel in any industry. Apparently, this will prevent a mismatch of competence where young people acquire necessary skills.

We believe that it is the responsibility of every stakeholder to bridge the gap between employment and education. Schools should talk to businesses and organise trips where students can learn about the different industries. Indeed, this will also showcase the students to the various jobs available, and the requirements and education needed to specialise in that field.

Again, the education curriculum should be streamlined to guarantee that students get career education from an early age. Moreover, this will ensure that students settle for careers that they have a passion for and knowledge about. Besides, it will also help to overcome the gender bias from an early age and ensure that students can take up any career irrespective of their gender. Funds should be set aside for career education and field trips for the students.

Studies have shown that 87% of businesses have challenges in finding the right employees to hire. It is the time that people focus more on other routes like an apprenticeship and not only academic when looking for employees. Most employers believe that apprenticeship is a waste of time and resources which are not always the case. Also, this is because it prepares young individuals for the job market and enhances their competence in their careers.

Another important way Phi Tuition plans to make education work for all is by encouraging more companies to offer training to students.

We believe that schools should be allowed to offer students the education that they require for the job market. Afterwards, the companies that these students get jobs in should train the students to adapt to the work environment. Of course, this will ensure that individuals acquire the knowledge that they need to survive in the job market. The first job should be a learning process for young people where they can gain the knowledge that they need for the job market. Furthermore, it will help youngsters to develop and trust in their abilities more.

Studies have shown that 68% of students in high schools’ plan to study to university level. In effect, this means that a large population of highly competent graduates is released into the job market every year. However, only 30% of jobs require graduates as stated by a City and Guilds research. At Phi tuition, we work with parents to advise them on how they can determine the choices of their children at 14 years. Unquestionably, this helps them to make better decisions that they will benefit from as they grow up. With the right policies and opportunities in place, we can make education work for everyone.

More importantly, with the support and collaboration of key stakeholders, companies, parents, guardians and of course students, Phi Tuition plans to make education work for all.

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