What Makes the British Education System So Attractive to Foreigners?

What Makes the British Education System So Attractive to Foreigners?

Here’s a quick fact: in 2014-15, universities in the United Kingdom had 436,585 international students. That’s almost half a million people! But what is it makes British Education System so enticing to international students?

Let’s look at some different aspects that make the British Education System one of the most prestigious in the world, desired by many students who look up to a brighter future.

Reputation of the UK and the British Education System

OXFORD. This single word is known by so many. In fact, it represents the number one university in the whole world, as recognised by the World University Rankings 2016-2017. Along the University of Oxford, in the same ranking, the top 10 numbers include two other universities from the UK: University of Cambridge – 4th place, and Imperial College London – 8th place.

Here are a few people that have studied at Oxford during the 17th / 18th centuries:

  • William Penn, founder of the US state of Pennsylvania
  • The founder of the State of Georgia, USA – James Oglethorpe
  • William Harvey, scientist who discovered the circulation of the blood

Pretty important people, I’d say. Of course, you’d need to secure good grades to be granted admission to such Universities, as competition is stiff. But you’ll get out of there with an even sharper mind than before.

Standards and further growth

It’s news that the UK is one of the world-leaders in education for centuries. Also, UK universities are inspected on a regular basis, to ensure they maintain the teaching and learning standards set by the Government. In the past years, the UK has been investing to expand their international activities and relationships, bringing students together for a better education.

A good example for this could be the partnership between the University of Liverpool and Xi’an Jiaotong University in China. They both agreed, in 2004, to merge and establish the Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU), which was officialised by the Ministry of Education in May 2006.

Tuition fees (or lack of it)

But all the prestige and validation come with a hefty price tag. For example, in the autumn of 2017, UK universities will charge students up to around $11,500 per year. Add that to the living costs in the UK, which rise to $ 15,000 annually, and you’ll probably need to get a loan.

BUT, that doesn’t apply to Scotland. At the SNP conference in 2016, John Swinney, Scotland’s Education Secretary, enforced his promise that students from the European Union won’t need to pay any fees for studying in Scotland universities. So, if free, robust quality education doesn’t attract international students, I don’t know what does. Although, you’ll still need some money because living is not free anywhere in the world.

Cultural variety

We’re moving on to the social aspect of studying. In the UK universities, you’ll find unique cultural diversity. So, you’ll socialise and make friends with people from the other side of the planet. I’d say this can have the benefit of getting a live experience of how other places of the world are, by engaging in talks with interesting people.

Who knows, the experience of studying in the UK might turn into some long-lasting friendships, and even some vacations into a great country, with a guide that lives there.

Master the language

Another significant aspect of spending some years studying in the UK is that you’ll develop your English skills. Big time. Even though you need to already have some English skills before being accepted to study in the UK, as time goes by, English will become natural to you. You’ll use it to read, write and speak on a daily basis.

Long story, short!

In today’s business landscape, the English Language is crucial at a global level. So not only will you get the highest level of education and secure your future, but you’ll also acquire the language skills that will help you move forward. Phi Tuition can help you improve your grades and benefit from the British Education System to achieve your dream career.

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