Virtual Private Tutoring: Pros and Cons

Virtual Private Tutoring: Pros and Cons

Virtual private tutoring has been gaining grounds in recent years. If you haven’t had the chance to try it yet, then it is worth serious consideration.

Since the advent of the internet, an increasing number of school going students and professionals who want to acquire knowledge are now opting for online tutoring over traditional tuition programs. Technology has modernised education with classrooms now having iPads and e-textbooks, and this has made virtual private tutoring a more popular choice for students today. Here are the pros and cons of online virtual tutoring.

The pros of virtual private tutoring

  • Any learner irrespective of his/her age can get assistance for their academics or learn new skills online as virtual tutoring has no limitations with regards to age.
  • Parents have access to thousands of certified and qualified teachers in one place as there are no geographical boundaries and students can be taught by tutors from other countries, and this does not limit your instruction to teachers within your neighbourhood.
  • Online tutoring is convenient and can help students save time and travel expenses and can be cheaper when compared to traditional tutoring programs.
  • With the latest technology and software in use, students can easily record, save and retrieve study materials on a later date. The learner can also record the entire lesson and keep it on file for future use.
  • Online instruction is good for emergency situations especially for students who are not prepared for a test or those who missed the normally scheduled classroom sessions. This is because virtual tutors will easily and quickly clear up any issues that the child may have with the normal curriculum.

The cons of virtual private tutoring

  • A student must have knowledge of using computers and the internet, and this can be a disadvantage for the learner who has no prior knowledge in this field.
  • It is expensive. In some instances, you may find tutoring companies that are cheaper than the traditional tutoring services in your locality. However, virtual tutoring involves extra costs for the technology used. You will have to purchase a microphone, software so that the students can video chat with his/her tutor. Some virtual instruction platforms may require you to purchase a tablet or an iPad. Of course, this will increase the setup costs.
  • Virtual private tutoring cannot be of help to a student who is not willing to be instructed. Thus, parents need to monitor tutoring sessions to ensure that their child benefits.
  • Requires discipline – the student must concentrate during the tutoring sessions. Students should avoid distractions from Facebook posts, Instagram or emails. Distractions may affect the learning process and the entire session. The tutors may struggle to handle interruption on the part of the student due to the distance.
  • Some students may not benefit from virtual learning. Young students especially, learn more through face-to-face interactions with their tutors.
  • It’s hard to determine whether the trainer with a perfect profile on the web can be the best teacher. Unless you are working with a reputable tutoring company like Phi Tuition, you may end up with a mediocre instructor.

Let’s cut to the bone!

Clearly, virtual private tutoring has both advantages and disadvantages. The main aim should be finding a good company that offers features and benefits that will balance this cost. Online tutoring services are great when compared to traditional tutoring programs. Your child will get the help they need.

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