The Unexpected Folktale in The UK Alevel Results 2017

The Unexpected Folktale in The UK Alevel Results 2017

It is official; the A level results are out!

After the release of the Alevel Results 2017, it was evident for the first time in 17 years, that boys outwitted girls by topping A-level grades. Notably, 26.6% of boys scored the coveted A* or A grades while only 26.1% of girls managed the same. Since 2000, girls have annually outperformed boys but this year’s results came with mixed fortunes. No doubt, one can argue that the reversal in fortunes is due to the new and tougher Alevel with its foremost characteristic being no modules and less coursework.

Gender Gap in the Alevel 2017

There was a notable decline in the 13 subjects that had a reformed course structure and syllabus. Moreover, there was a noted gender gap across all disciplines with boys being at 0.5 points ahead of the girls for the A* or A grades, which is a reversal of the last year trend in which girls were 0.3 points ahead of the boys. Over the decade, the trend has seen a decline of 1.5 points.

A sample provided by the Joint Council for Qualifications reveals that from the 13 Reformed subjects, the reduction in the number of girls with A or A* fell by 1.1% relative to 0.2 points for boys. The subjects are Biology, Chemistry, Business, Economics, Computer Science, English Literature, English Language and Literature, English Language, Physics, History, Sociology and Psychology. The boys and girls equally shared the top grades in these subjects at 24.3%.

Detailed Breakdown

  • Mathematics retains its position as the most popular subjects in A levels, trailed by combined English.
  • The share of all entries in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) recorded an increase.
  • More entries were recorded in Chemistry among the females than the males after an extended period. It last occurred in 2004.
  • There is a noted increase in entries of facilitating subjects such as Geography, Physics, Mathematics and Further Mathematics.
  • There was a record increase in the share of A* to A grades in German, French and Spanish subjects.
  • Top grade AS level recorded an increase in the percentage of entries to 23.8%.
  • English subjects recorded a general slump in performance with those recording a C grade and above in, English Language, English Literature and English Language and Literature fell by 3% compared to last year.

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