Why Your Personal Tutor Should Be Your Sports Coach

Why Your Personal Tutor Should Be Your Sports Coach

There is the misguided notion that only struggling students should have a personal tutor. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Of course, every student whether smart or struggling can, and should be encouraged to benefit from the mentorship of a personal tutor.

Besides providing you with educational tutorship and assistance, your personal tutor is someone who can guide you in all areas of life. This is one person who should understand your weaknesses as well as strengths just as sports coaches understand their players. Your personal tutor ought to have a special bond with you, putting him or her in a position to give you advice on a one-to-one basis.

Who needs a personal tutor?

As noted already, most people tend to believe that only the students who project poor grades should have personal tutors. However, on the contrary, anyone can have a personal tutor. Some kids may be performing well in the classroom but suffer from social and emotional stresses. Personal tutors will, therefore, play a significant role in ensuring that such kids get the help they deserve to be confident and capable of dealing with whatever life throws at them. With the help of a personal tutor, they will become free and empowered to pursue their dreams.

So, how can a personal tutor help?

A private tutor will be available to answer all the questions that your child may have and therefore assist them to do away with situations that may lead to social and educational dilemmas. It is also important to note that personal tutors get to learn and adapt to your child’s best learning style. There is, therefore, the possibility that your child will get the best out of interacting with their personal tutors.

Moreover, just like sports coaches, personal tutors help children to work on their learning obstacles. This can be related to the way sports people get to learn the obstacles in their practices and then devise ways of improving and overcoming them.

Personal tutors will also in most cases help your child to attain their goals and objectives just like Olympic coaches do to their athletes. In most cases, children will be taught to set their goals and objectives. However, their tutors at school may not often have enough time to concentrate on all the children. Having a private tutor will, therefore, help in keeping your child focused on achieving their goals as they are given priority by their private tutor.

How else can a personal tutor help your child?

Having a private tutor will also help your child to learn more than what the syllabus offers. This will include general knowledge that may be applied in their lives. Both children who are good performers at school, as well as those who are poor performers, will, therefore, receive positive impact from their interactions with their personal tutors.

Private tutors are useful in cases where your child tends to concentrate more at a particular time. This is because they are flexible and convenient. In cases where you have busy schedules, private tutors will also play a major role. The constant encouragements that your child will gain from the tutors will help them grow in all aspects of life.

It is also important to note that private tutors will work at the pace of your child. Thus, your child will be able to handle whatever pressure is mounted on them. This is the same in the case of sports coaches who work to better their players’ tactics day by day. Such approaches improve the intelligence of your child as they have more time to get concepts and scrutinise those that may need more time.

The bottom line

It is therefore important to do away with the notion that only struggling students need private tutors. Anyone can benefit from using the expertise and experience of a personal tutor. Irrespective of your background, academic level, age, race or IQ, you can benefit from a personal tutor in one or several areas of your life.

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