Grammar Schools: The 11 plus Exams Secret Formula

Grammar Schools: The 11 plus Exams Secret Formula

Grammar schools have always attracted divided opinions from many. Of course, the 11 plus exams used to determine whether or not a pupil gains admission into a grammar school, also has its criticisms. Nonetheless, if your child has any intention of getting into a grammar school, they will certainly need to pass the 11 plus exams. The 11 plus exam is broken down into four major subjects that include: English, maths, verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

In most cases, the pass mark of the exam lies in such a manner that the fraction of students who pass the exams matches up the available grammar school spaces. The competition for entry into grammar schools is therefore robust, and there is the need for every student to aim at obtaining over ninety percent scores. Getting into grammar school, therefore, needs a lot of dedication and hard work. So, what is the secret of getting to grammar school?

Practice Makes Perfect

The first secret of getting into a grammar school involves lots of practice. It is often said “practice makes perfect” thus, your child needs to practice potential exam questions if they are to succeed in the 11 plus exams. The internet provides a lot of sample questions for students to use as practise materials. Practicing many questions before the exam day equips your child with the relevant skills that may be examined during the examination. Certainly, it, therefore, means that your child will be well prepared for the exam and therefore has high chances of passing the exam.

A Personal Tutor Can Be Your Magic Wand

Getting a private tutor for your child is also an option to consider when your child is preparing for this exam. The personal trainer will most probably get to understand your child and help in developing them for the necessary areas before the exam. Additionally, the teacher will also know your child and be free with them to understand their weak areas and hone their skills. Moreover, your child will be able to ask questions on the areas they do not understand and therefore become well equipped with the skills that they may need to pass the exams.

Guidance and Counselling Is Significant

It is also indispensable to note that the entry exams to grammar schools will always compare a child to the population. Indeed, this means that your child has to be competitive enough for them to get to pass, without discouraging your child. Of course, this is where counselling and guidance can make a significant impact. Most of the scores that children receive are in accordance with the government standard and will, therefore, favour the highest scoring kids.

Ready to Undertake the 11 Plus Exams?

The above tips, if used correctly, will ensure that your child becomes the cream in a particular population. Indeed, this will mean they’ll have a higher probability of passing the exams. Astonishingly, there are online tests that are in most cases undertaken by children to determine whether they are ready to handle the 11 plus examinations and these should be a consideration that you make before letting your child sit for the grammar school exams.

Above all, mentorship is an important aspect of the whole process. Of course, this is because it ensures that a child concentrates on achieving their set goals which will in most cases include passing the 11 plus exams.

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