The Controversial Case of Homeschooling

The Controversial Case of Homeschooling

Homeschooling is a movement that started back in the 1970’s. During that time, some scholars expressed their dissatisfaction in the education system and went ahead to propose certain educational reforms. Simply put, it is the education that parents give to their children at home rather than taking them to school. Parents may as well opt to get private tutors for their kids. A private tutor will give their undivided attention to their children.

Families opt for homeschooling owing to different reasons. For instance, a parent may not approve of the current educational system. He or she may feel the educational system is not sufficient enough for their children. Of course, in some instances, there may be various religious beliefs that drive parents to choose to homeschool taking their children to the traditional or private schools that may be available.

Controversies associated with homeschooling

The push to regulate homeschooling in most jurisdictions is stoking an extensive debate on the rights of parents to educate children at home with minimal oversight from the government. In some jurisdictions, there may be a threshold set to allow parents to homeschool their children. Some may require that parents possess an educational background, while others have no restrictions at all. Most homeschooling parents have an established network to share resources that they think may be useful to their children.

In cases where the children are school going, and the parents decide otherwise, there is the need for official communication expressing reasons why they have chosen homeschooling. The children that have never been to school will in most cases start getting taught once they attain the school going age.

Pros of homeschooling

There are numerous advantages regarding homeschooling. First, there is a feeling of being safe that accompanies homeschooling. Obviously, this is because a child will always be amongst family members and people who love them. Confidence will certainly grow as one gets to have the opportunity to learn in the best way that they can. Children may get to know what they are good at and work to develop their talents. With kids spending more time with their parents and fellow siblings, family relationships become stronger. Children will get the time to interact and ventilate their thoughts and feelings to the people who love them the most, that is, their family members.

Also, children learn the art of self-discipline

In schools, students get to complete assignments, which their teachers supervise and make corrections accordingly. Furthermore, general schools have rules that students must follow. However, in the case of homeschooling, children are given the freedom to accomplish set goals and targets at their own time. Indeed, this calls for self-discipline. There is also the real-life socialisation that homeschooled children get through their interactions with older and younger people hence preparing them for real-life situations.

So what are the demerits?

Well, homeschooling has its demerits too. Lack of exposure is one of the notable cons that haunts homeschooled kids. Such children do not have the daily exposure of some of their other interests. Additionally, most homeschooled children will have to bear the consequences of having fewer friends. Indeed, this is because they spend most of their time indoors and therefore less time is spent socialising and making new friends. In most cases, homeschooled children are often misunderstood and always have to keep explaining themselves to the people that they meet. Of course, this can be quite challenging.

Cutting to the bone

Nonetheless, homeschooling is a worthy alternative to consider. It is a good way to educate your child in particular circumstances. For example, you may want to homeschool your child in case there is a need to stay away from the public – whatever the reason may be.

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