Are School Uniforms Important Or Are They Just Another Form Of Abuse?

Are School Uniforms Important Or Are They Just Another Form Of Abuse?

If you travel the world, you will notice that the value of a school uniform varies from one country to another. In fact, in some cases, it differs from one state or city to another. But, what is the right custom when it comes to school uniforms? To answer this question, it is important to first and foremost understand the meaning of the word ‘uniform.’

So, what is a uniform?

According to, a uniform is defined as “an identifying outfit or style of dress worn by the members of a given profession, organisation, or rank.” Of course, a uniform is normally worn by the group of people belonging to an organisation, while involved in the activities of the said organisation. Thus, following from the above definition, we have different groups of people such as armed forces, emergency workers and students wearing uniforms. Okay, let’s get back to our primary focus.

So, what is the right custom when it comes to school uniforms?

Of course, there isn’t a right or wrong custom. It mainly depends on the laws of the country and institutions. For example, when you remember your childhood days, you’ll naturally recall days when you used to wear colourful formal uniforms to school. At such tender ages, it is vital to have a uniform that easily identifies you as a pupil of a particular school. It is more of a safety concern, especially if a child goes missing. It would be easy to return them to their school after identifying the school uniform on them.

However, in some parts of the world, some people abandon wearing school uniforms at a lower age than others. But, in almost every part of the world students abandon their standard school uniforms entirely once they get into the university. Interestingly, the concept of wearing school uniforms has been dropped by some institutions these days, but others still require students to wear uniforms. Indeed, this is happening despite the many benefits that are related to wearing a school uniform.

Of course, there are several reasons why it is important for students to wear school uniforms as we are about to see in the next section of this article. Admittedly, wearing a school uniform is not only crucial to students, but it is also immeasurable for the school itself. Also, a school uniform is like a form of identity to a given institution, and it also makes it easy to know where a student goes to school. Thus, it is essential for schools to have a dressing code that should be followed by students. Let’s look at the importance of school uniforms.

Helps to reduce social conflicts in schools

To reduce social conflicts among students, it is essential to make it compulsory for students to wear a uniform. Not every student can afford or stay on-trend with the latest clothing fashion, and to prevent students from competing amongst themselves, a school uniform is necessary. Institutions that require students to wear school uniforms always want to prevent such incidents from happening, and that’s why every student who wants to join them must wear their uniforms.

School uniforms help to promote loyalty amongst students

Violence is something that can occur in schools. Therefore, for this to not be the case, it is crucial to promote loyalty among students by use of school uniform. Without a proper school uniform some students may identify themselves with same clothes and in some cases end up forming gangs within our institutional setups. Therefore, it is vital to work towards ensuring that students identify themselves as one. Indeed, dressing in the same uniform colours is one way of doing so.

School uniforms help to emphasise the focus on studies, not fashion

Wearing a school uniform is a way of ensuring that students get focused on their education, not fashion. Certainly, by wearing a school uniform, students will not have to worry whether or not they will stand out.  Instead, they will focus on their grades and making friends while at school.

However, wearing school uniforms does not guarantee neatness among students. Of course, some students may not be able to always appear neat in school despite wearing their school uniform. Notwithstanding, school uniforms are good and all parties should do their best to carry on with this tradition. But, of course, without compromising the integrity of students.  But, what are we doing to ensure that our students remain neat? Well, this is a topic for another day.

So, what can we take from this?

Well, school uniforms help prevent violence and formation of gangs in our schools by students. Notwithstanding, stakeholders still have a responsibility to ensure that students are not victimised as a result of their school uniforms. At Phi tuition, we appreciate and support the significance of wearing a school uniform, but the most important thing is the quality of tuition that students get.

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