Students’ Mental Health and Wellbeing: Depression is a Killing Syndrome – Parents and Teachers Should Be Vigilant

Students’ Mental Health and Wellbeing: Depression is a Killing Syndrome – Parents and Teachers Should Be Vigilant

Following stats from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), over 1,180 students experiencing mental health issues abandoned their university studies in 2014-15. Astoundingly, this represents a 210% rise from 380 students in 2009-10.

It is no secret that to be productive in life; it is imperative to be of sound mental health and free from depression. Thus, at Phi Tuition we know that students need to be free from depression and other psychological issues to excel in academics. For this reason, our students need to know how to stay healthy and avoid languishing in a depressed state.

Did you know that majority of those struggling with depression are students in learning institutions?

Students go through different events that may trigger depression, and in most cases, this goes unnoticed by parents or guardians. Depression is affecting our children like never before. Teachers and parents have a role to play in helping our children fight depression.

For students to benefit academically, they should be in good mental health, and at Phi Tuition we fully support Charlie Waller Memorial Trust to help different people struggling with depression. The first step towards helping students who struggle with depression and mental problems is by identifying the condition.

As expected, students do not usually open up about their struggles with depression. Nonetheless, parents and mental health specialists can identify depression by evaluating student mental health. For instance, a look at a student’s performance and other aspects can help parents find out whether a student is struggling with this condition.

Just like other mental disorders, depression also comes with the following symptoms:

  • Feeling sad or having a depressed mood
  • Lack of pleasure or interest in pursuits once enjoyed
  • Appetite changes — weight loss or gain unrelated to dieting
  • Insomnia or sleeping too much
  • Loss of energy
  • Increased fatigue
  • A sudden rise in purposeless
  • Feeling worthless and guilty
  • Difficulty in concentrating, thinking or making decisions
  • Thoughts of suicide or depression

What is the Treatment for Depression?

Depression can be treated. One of the most effective treatment options is cognitive behavioural therapy. Apart from CBT, there are also several other ways to handle depression among students. Also, anti-depressants can help treat depression among school going students. Furthermore, other methods of treatment include psychotherapy and electroconvulsive therapy.

Just as we said earlier in this post, parents, guardians and teachers have a role to play in helping our children deal with depression, in the same token, Phi Tuition is fully committed to ensuring that students learn in a conducive environment free from anything that could trigger depression.

At Phi Tuition, our teachers are not only talented and competent in handling your child’s academics. Impressively, they are likewise ready and willing to evaluate and help them avoid depression. The good news is that depression among our children can be treated. Thus, the essential thing to do is to act early enough once we detect that our children could struggle with this condition.

Over the years, Phi Tuition has built a responsible reputation thanks to the high-level of tutoring we offer to our students. But, besides our unequalled level of teaching, we understand the importance of mental health especially when it relates to our students. Therefore, at phi tuition, we give primary attention to mental health-related issues such as depression. We want all our students to feel mentally capable of taking on their studies. Thus, we pay close attention to students who may be struggling with mental health suspected issues.

Our unequalled support to the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust (CWMT)

Following our commitment to mental health issues, it is, therefore, no surprise that we are incredibly committed and devoted to the works of Charlie Waller Memorial Trust (CWMT). We want to give our students the best chance of excelling in school and life, and we see our partnership with the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust (CWMT) as an ideal way to achieve this.

CWMT is a worthy charity dedicated to educating young people on the importance of staying mentally healthy. They go further to advise and provide hands-on support to students on how to get mentally healthy. Besides speaking to one of our tutors, we strongly encourage all our students to seek help from CWMT or other relevant authorities if they are struggling with mental health issues.

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