The Role Of School And Tuition In Childhood Development

The Role Of School And Tuition In Childhood Development

Tuition is the process of instructing or teaching a group of students or an individual student. No doubt, it is quite significant in the process of learning since it does not entail competing against each other. Instead, it helps to promote togetherness amongst students under a tuition program. Below are some of the roles we can associate with tuition.

Academic Excellence

Of course, schools have an essential role to play in ensuring students achieve their best academic potential. Indeed, academic excellence should not only be seen in terms of grades. But, it should also be seen in terms of preparing children to become great problem solvers. It should empower students to find solutions to problems. With that, children will gain the knowledge and exposure to solve complicated issues facing our society such as global warming, renewable energy and more.

Social Interaction

Schools help children to learn how to socialise with teachers and other students. Interestingly, social skills are vital pillars of development of a child into adulthood. Moreover, these social skills are learnt on a day-to-day basis both in class as well as socialising with teachers and peers. According to studies, emotional and social maturity is the primary indicators of a child’s development in all areas. Consequently, schools have a vital role to play when it comes to ensuring your child is emotionally and socially mature.

Nurturing Character

Besides, excellent social skills and straight A’s, children also get their characters moulded in schools. Of course, schools are the best avenues where children get to learn integrity, honesty, respect, compassion, empathy and other core principles that will guide them throughout their lifetime. Therefore, this should be the best foundation for our children to develop into adults who are healthy in mind and character.


By the time students get into high schools and colleges, they should be able to make decisions on their own. Also, they should be able to understand the consequences of going against core values learnt at school. Long story short, they ought to be able to make sense of social concepts, make sound decisions while considering the impact on others and the community at large.

Broadening Opportunities

Schools provide a broad horizon of opportunities for our children mostly in curricular activities. Students get involved in whatever pursuit they have an interest in. Also, they are taught to become professionals in those activities. Some end up becoming professional athletes as a result of the curricular activity they got interested in earlier in school.

For example, tuition for a course like music makes a musician out of a student who is equally skilled in mathematics. Thus, broadening their opportunities in life. Coaching a student with footballing skills to improve their grades in other subjects will no doubt give them more opportunities in life.

Okay, let’s cut to the chase..,

Despite the fact that grades are the yardsticks of measuring performance and progress in schools, they are not usually the most important. In fact, all the above roles are just as important. Therefore, teaching children to just upload and offload information during examination does them no good. Amazingly, core values and skills learnt in school can make all the difference between a socially smart kid and an intelligent kid.

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