Top Resources to Tackle Bullying

The topic of bullying is very expansive since it occurs on all sides of the world. Bullying is experienced in all forms of educational settings and affects people differently. There are many causes of bullying, and the effect of bullying has a significant impact on the lives of the victims and their families usually for a very long time if the right help is not available.

Bullying in Schools

Today in the UK and other western countries, a lot of resources goes into ensuring that bullying has no place in schools and institutions. For example at Phi tuition, we speak with our students on an individual basis to understand their concerns while also looking out for signs of bullying and harassment. Fair to say, our tutors and educational system, in general, is quite robust, transparent and easy going – ensuring students learn and grow in a comfortable and bully-free environment.

Resources to tackle the causes and effects of bullying

It is essential to create a safe environment that students can talk through their issues and experiences in school. Hence, it is crucial for schools to make available resources for students to easily access if they need it. Usually, such resources are made available according to the ages of students.

1. Assembly Method

For younger students, using an easily adaptable assembly method is one of such resources. Here, teachers and administrators organise classes and workshops to enlighten young people on the causes and effects of bullying.  Interestingly, in this case, teachers and adults can use a written play as a form of communication about this issue. Students are required to rehearse the play and act it out to other students to spread awareness about bullying. Impressively, this is a useful form of communication, mostly for young children, because it captures their attention and it is easier for them to understand.

2. Colourful Workbooks

You can also use colourful workbooks and also books that engage the mind of the reader about bullying.  These workbooks focus on anti-bullying and what to do in case you find yourself as a victim of bullying. The books also talk about the importance of friendship and how different people can co-exist and learn together peacefully. The book can be used as a way to prompt writing tasks in class, and this helps create an open channel for students to express their emotions and share their challenges. Furthermore, this resource also helps students to connect with each other and make friends.

3. Using a Presentation

A presentation can help create awareness and empower young kids to recognise the signs of bullying and what actions they can take to spot it. In this case, the presentation my target the negative effects of spreading rumours about students or individuals in a community. The presentation may illustrate a flowchart showing the spread of rumours as a starting point, through to the end which could be depression, isolation or even worse. Of course, when false information spreads about a person, it can cause low self-esteem and other major issues if not dealt with fast and appropriately.

Furthermore, there could be a practical part of the presentation which could include an activity or series of activities relating to boosting self-esteem. Students can learn how to get back their confidence and increase their self-esteem after falling victim to an act of bullying. By participating in these activities, a student will know the appropriate ways to deal with bullying.

Role of a bystander in bullying

For older students, it is more important to help them understand the meaning of bullying and its effects. They need to also know what role a bystander plays when a person is bullied. The purpose of a bystander is often ignored by most people. Of course, they play a preeminent role when it comes to bullying. You can use well-structured lessons to enable them to think more about the issue and allow them to also come up with ways of dealing with it on a manageable level.

The Bottom Line

Long story short, bullying is an awful act and must be discouraged from our schools. Students should be free to express themselves, learn and grow academically, socially and psychologically in a healthy and balanced educational setting.

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