Career Path: A Bridge Between Learning And Work

Career Path: A Bridge Between Learning And Work

Career paths tend to be ignored from early ages, this is wrong. If you ask a group of kids what they would like to become when they grow up, you will get varied, straightforward and sincere answers of what each child aspires to be. In most cases, these aspirations are based on their immediate environment or what they like most. Some kids will tell you they want to become doctors to help the sick, drivers, pilots and much more for their reasons.

These answers as innocent and sincere as they have a significant meaning in the development children. Unfortunately, as they grow up and learn more about the environment, their potential gradually changes their original aspirations. In the time of graduating from high school, most students are confused and have no concrete decision of what career they wish to pursue. Apparently, this is because they have little or no knowledge about the job market.

What was your chosen career path while growing up?

Some of us had high dreams of who we wanted to be, but since our answers to the questions we asked were always taken for granted, we ended up becoming something less. If teachers and parents could treat original children aspirations with seriousness, things can change for the better. For some students, it is frustrating as they end up in careers which they don’t like; hence underperform as a result of under-utilised potential.

We need to understand how children express their aspirations of what they want to become, how they view it, and the challenges they are likely to overcome. We also need to evaluate how school systems and teachers learn of students’ aspirations, and how they realise their talents and skills and guide them towards achieving their dreams. How teachers can provide career guidance at an early stage and help students to identify their talents and strengths. Another issue of concern is how the industry can learn of the raw skills that spring from schools every year, and a strategy to manage these activities and progress in guiding every student to their dream careers.

Some institutions including Phi Tuition have taken steps in addressing issues of students’ aspirations from an early age in school. Another of such organisations is LiketoBe. It is an innovative platform that attempts to solve this problem of ambitions.

How the LiketoBe Platform works

The essence of any technology is to make processes faster, efficient and more comfortable for humankind. In learning, technology is applied in different ways from teaching, learning, to communication. LiketoBe is the innovation in the education sector. The technology, founded by Antony Jinman, is designed to connect students, parents, teachers and institutions with organisations to effectively monitor students’ progress and create career avenues for them when they leave school. LiketoBe closes the gap between stakeholders, thus eliminating challenges that students encounter along their career paths.

LiketoBe platform plays a prominent role in monitoring a student’s educational progress and allows businesses to share their profile and to generate new careers based on the talents available and the demands in the current market. Constant communications between stakeholders enable each to shift their energy to the right activities depending on the market needs. Impressively, this unique innovation in teaching, learning, communication and linking tool helps in career development. It further brings a positive influence in both business and education.

What does the future hold?

It is essential for parents and educators to change their approach to students’ aspirations and career preferences. It is time to start welcoming our children’s ideas and supporting them in their chosen career paths. Instead of advising against career paths merely because you know little or nothing about it, you should lend your support. The world is changing, and children are the ones embracing these changes. Hence you should learn to trust their career decisions more.

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