How Can We Engage Children in Reading

How Can We Engage Children in Reading

The world is steaming with distractions for the young ones to read. There is always a new television program to watch or a new video game to play. Coupled with the consistent need to catch up and share emojis, GIFs, images, videos and more with friends and family via social media.

The environment is lethargic when it comes to creating a sound reading culture amongst children. But all hope is not lost and there’s still a lot you can do to engage your children in reading. The future is bright in this domain as several approaches can be used to encourage children to read. They include the following:

Create a reading competition.

It is the habit of children to get incentivised to do anything, including eating. Hence, you can add an element of competition to reading. You can offer a nice prize to the winner. This will make it possible to get many children who don’t like reading to start reading.

A subtle thing like a reading tournament around a specific new theme like the World Cup would be inspiring to lots of children. Let them study and whoever finishes first and explains what happened gets to win a beautiful prize. That aspect of competition with peers will encourage most of them to read and try to win the award.

Encourage reading at home.

Engaging children in reading should not be a job for just the teachers at school. Indeed, the correct way is to have the culture begin to develop right from home and promoted by the parents. Parents should read in front of the children and encourage them to read along or read a different material at the same time. If it becomes a habit, it will soon turn into a culture, and the children will grow up knowing that reading is a good thing.

Create a good reading environment.

In schools, the reading environment is either the classroom or the library, unless there are individual rooms dedicated to reading specific subjects. Such settings should be suited to help children get in the reading mood. Of course, you can achieve this by getting it right when it comes to the paintings, the layout, wall hangings and the reading materials availed for the children. For instance, there must be adequate books for all. This is because students may walk away if they don’t have the books they want to read.

Give books as presents to encourage them to read.

The other way you can engage children in reading is to give out books as presents, especially on the topics they love. For instance, if your child loves football, you can promise a delightful children’s book on their favourite footballer. Since they are passionate about the sport, they will take time to read through the book so that they know more about that particular footballer.

Make flashcards to learn new words.

It is essential for the children to learn new vocabulary as they engage in reading. Indeed, one of the principal ways to do this is to create flashcards to enable them to learn new vocabulary every day. Though you may not consider this as being participating fully in reading, they will no doubt look forward to reading more, to learn and discover new words.

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