How To Prepare For Your Exams. Killer Tips!

How To Prepare For Your Exams. Killer Tips!


Preparing for exams can be a challenge for most students, especially if you don’t take your studies seriously. However, most students excel in their examinations because they learn how to study effectively and maximise the little time they have. Students should learn how to prepare smarter and not harder for tests. Here are five surefire tips that will help you prepare for any examination.

Avoid procrastination

With the exams around the corner, you cannot put off your revision for later dates. Some students may start rearranging their desk or get an urge to clean up their room, play soccer, write poems or think about the days after the exams. When you have upcoming exams, you do not have time to spare on unnecessary activities – plan your revision periods and stick to them. When it is time to revise, just sit down on your desk and get on with your reading.

Organise your study area

When preparing for your examinations, make sure that you have adequate space for your reading and have a place to keep your notes and textbooks. Make sure that you have sufficient light, a comfortable chair and keep off any thing that will be a distraction to your learning, for example, computer games. You should ensure that you are comfortable enough so that you can focus on your revision.

Take breaks during your studies

Most students believe that studying continuously for long hours will help them pass their exams. However, this can be unproductive as the brain and body will get tired after some time. Even individuals who train for marathons do not run for 24 hours every day. If you want long term retention of knowledge, you should take regular breaks within your study sessions. Every individual has unique study routines; therefore, go for what will work best for you.

Avoid cramming before your exams

Most students tend to cram the night before the actual exam. However, this is counterproductive. Research has proven that studying large amounts of materials on the exam night may not yield the results that you want. Instead, students tend to forget what they read the previous evening. You will fail to learn anything, and you will also lose sleep which can be a disastrous combination on the exam day.

Variety of reading materials

You should consider using a variety of preparation sources, for example, e-books, books, virtual preparation, blogs, online groups and much more. Indeed, this will give you adequate information and will strengthen your preparation. Also, you may end up getting data that you would never get if you used a single material. Using different sources during your revision will give you an added advantage as you prepare for your test.

Study with friends, if possible

You should organise your study sessions with a few friends. A group discussion will be helpful especially in getting answers to questions that are giving you headaches. However, you must ensure that you are focused on learning and agree on a time that you will be discussing. You will grasp a lot when you study in a group than when alone.

The bottom line!

You will prepare for your exams and excel if you make your revision fun. Revising for a test may not be as fun as playing around with your friends. Make sure you set yourself challenges and aim to overcome them and prove yourself repeatedly until you get all your facts right. With the tips above, you will be ready to face your exams without feeling anxious or unprepared. Phi Tuition can help improve your studies, check us out!

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