Easing Stress During GCSE Exams Season


Preparing for GCSE exams can lead to too much pressure on a student, especially children preparing for their GCSE. The longtime preparation coupled with reading and revising can be severe on kids. It can have an impact on their mental and psychological well-being. It’s advisable to allow children preparing for exams enough time to ease off pressure and stress.

Exams can cause stress that may lead to serious health issues. These may include headaches, loss or low apatite and irritability. As well as loss of desire in hobbies, low or negative mood and the more. It’s indeed challenging to escape exam stress. But, there are diverse other things you can do to help ease off exam stress and tension. These things include;

Bedtime Routine

Developing a calm bedtime routine and making sure revisions stop an hour before bedtime. Indeed, this will aid in combating and reducing lack of sleep and restlessness.

Bath and Soothing Music

Taking a warm and long bath, then listening to some calming music to cool the nerves. And also, reading soothing and entertainment books, as opposed to revision or education books, can also help in calming down.

Balanced Nutrition

Eating helps the brain to function well. The young minds need enough fuel and eating healthy would help the brain work well and rest better.

Eating light food that is rich in carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are an excellent source of energy which will help the body stay alert and energised. Indeed, this will aid the body to fight stress and tension.

TV and Gadgets

Restrict the prolonged use of phones and the time spent watching TV. It’s advisable to stop watching TV or using your smart gadgets at least an hour before bedtime. Indeed, this helps you maintain a good sleep pattern. A regular and healthy sleep pattern will go a long way in easing off stress.

Emotional Support

As a teacher or a parent, make out time to listen to your child’s or student’s worries and complaints. Don’t forget that exam tension and stress can lead to different health symptoms. Pay close attention and know when they need your company to help them calm down.

Have Fun While preparing for your GCSE Exams

Create time for fun. Even though it’s exam season, it’s advisable to create the time between your study time to have some fun. Do some recreational activities. It could be sports, taking a walk and seeing your friends to unwind or anything else. It’s essential and ideal to have fun while you study.

Be Supportive

Also, as a teacher, or a parent, be supportive. Help your child or student to unwind. Discuss their books with them and talk about their exam experiences. Also, encourage them not to feel bad or give up when they make mistakes. Creating a positive and supportive connection between you and your children or students will help them ease off the stress of the exam.

Final Words

So, these are some of the tips to help you ease off the exam stress especially in the GCSE exams season. Make sure you relax your body well and long enough. Rest for a long time to allow the body to be calm and make sure you do some recreational activities to help the body calm down. With these simple tips, you can combat the stress and tension that come with GCSE exams.

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