Handy Planning Ideas For Computing


Computing and proper planning can be backbreaking work. But, this hard work can be simple with the aid of several planning ideas. There are many hand-picked units, good-to-go plans and well-drafted scheme-of-work in place. So, getting on with school work is now simplified for students and teachers. Below are handy planning ideas, suitable for computing.

KS3 Resources

These resources incorporate several planning suggestions. The recommendations have captivating classroom activities. Such activities encompass a range of topics, small sessions and a mixture of minute-long tasks. They furthermore include several ideas for complete lessons. The planning suggestions are especially useful for situations where fresh ideas are not flowing.  Here are some KS3 resources to consider:

  • 35 Computing and ICT lesson ideas for KS3.
  • Introduction to Binary full lesson, plan, scaffolded sheets and resources rated outstanding.
  • Intermediate Scratch Tutorials/Worksheets for KS3.
  • Complete KS3 SoW for Computer Science.


There also exists a total scheme of work, average or intermediate units and sessions put together for interaction. The intermediate units assist in getting learners up-to-speed with lesson plans. Indeed, this will sharpen them in programming. Of course, this will help them in launching creative games.

The interactive session on its part familiarises the students with binary. But, accompanying these are handouts as well as supporting help sheets. The scheme of work offered in these resources is for year seven, eight and nine.

KS4 resources

KS4 resources designs are for years ten and eleven. The scheme inspires lesson planning for GCSE candidates. The KS4 resource involves essential contents for the academic year. On the other end, the lesson plans on digital tools bring to the platform loads of ideas for activities and objectives for GCSE studies. These learning objectives range from the usage of data based on the designing of digital publications. Here are some KS4 resources to consider:

  • AQA GCSE ICT – Year 10 & 11 Plans.
  • Python Scheme of Work.
  • New GCSE Unit 2 SoW.
  • GCSE Computing – Algorithms Unit of Work.


A good planning idea in these resources is a well-organised unit of work for algorithms. Of course, this plan is useful for enhancing the thought process. As well as problem-solving abilities of the students.

Post-16 resources

These resources feature activities which are in-class, as well as presentations and plans. Indeed, this captivating lesson is sure to keep the student’s attention fixed. It will fixate them towards the diversity of operating systems. Here are some Post-16 resources to consider:

  • OS Death Match.
  • BTEC ICT Level 3 Unit 28.
  • Cambridge Technicals – Unit 10 – Computer Game.
  • A Level Computer Science: Abstract Data Structures.


These handy planning ideas are for zealous video gamers. Video gamers appreciate an understanding of the secret behind the graphics and the design units. Due to this design unit, the students will learn about the effect computer games have on the society. Indeed, this they will take into consideration before drafting and designing their very own.

Final Words

Visual presentations are straightforward to comprehend and follow. The arrangements in a visual manner tend to offer a clear understanding of processes. Of course, it accomplishes this with the aid of non-objective data structures. Thus, the above planning ideas help simplify computing with well-organised resources.

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