How to Choose the Right Career from School


Life does not end after school. It starts once there are no more teachers asking for their assignments, gym class, or lockers. After school, you start making your own decisions about your life goals.

When choosing the right career, it is vital to consider many career pathways. Such as the military, trade school, or community college. We understand that choosing the right path can be challenging. That is why we are offering tips to help you succeed with this blog post.


Discover your strengths and passions.

Visit a reputable career counsellor for advice and take an aptitude. Such as Holland Code, Strong Inventory or the Myers-Briggs. These three applications can help you redesign your career path. Making big decisions from one app isn’t recommended. But it can be very beneficial to take several assessments.

Besides, if you finf interest in a specific career. That does not appear to match with your natural strengths. It does not mean you should rule out the option as a potential career. Instead, brainstorm how you can innate strengths to that career. Your unique strengths and perspective in that field. Can allow you to make a valuable contribution.

Find a mentor.

Seek an encouraging, positive role model. If you show a keen interest in specific careers, find an inspiring mentor who operates in that field. Well, this is because a reputable mentor can fuel your career inspirations.


Know if you are prevention or promotion focused.

Motivation is an integral aspect of careers. But, what causes motivation differs from one individual to another. Generally, there are two main types of motivation.

Prevention-focused – People who focus on protecting all they have. They protect what they have worked on and try to maintain the status quo. These people prefer analytical thinking, thoroughness, reliability, and planning.

Promotion-focused – These people are entrepreneurs and the classic creative minds. They can work fast, have abstract thoughts, and seize new opportunities. But, they are likely to make big mistakes, and they can be very optimistic and impulsive.

You ought to know which way you lean before choosing a career. A promotion-focused person is likely to thrive in a creative environment. With more significant rewards and more significant risks. While a prevention-focused person would do better as a developer in an organisation.


Determine the type of lifestyle you want.

Most careers start with months of hard labour at lower pay than you would expect. What is more important is looking at the future of your career. To know whether the lifestyle it leads is desirable. Some aspects to consider are the time and amount of travelling involved, the salary, the job time. The salary acceptable to your is very important, and it is vital to do what makes you most comfortable.

If you prefer living a ‘real’ life after turning off your work including play, travel, and eating out. Then a higher salary career is more appropriate. But, if giving back to the society motivates you. Then being a social worker with a low salary can meet your needs.

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