How to Deal with Procrastination When Preparing for Your Exams

How to Deal with Procrastination When Preparing for Your Exams

In life, we all face exams at one point or another in our lives. But, the biggest challenge in preparing for exams is always the big P – procrastination. Well, here you will find effective tips to deal with procrastination. And help you better prepare for your exams.

1. Set a study timetable

Well, setting a timetable will help you plan what to study and when. It will give you a realistic view of the material you need to cover in a specific period of time in a specific area. Well, this should motivate you to get down and do the work you need to cover to prepare for your exams.

2. Set a specific place to do your preparation

This will help you get into the frame of mind to get down to preparing for your exams. The specific place needs to be conducive to studying. So as far as is possible it should be a place that is quiet. Well, with a comfortable place to sit and should also be at the right temperature. The place can be a desk and chair in your living space or even a library.

3. Create a ritual around your preparation process

Well, having a ritual will help you get your mind in the head space to get down to preparing for your exams. Rituals signal to your brain that it is time to do a particular thing. We have rituals like brushing your teeth before sleeping. Which signals to your body and mind that it is bedtime. You can create a simple ritual around preparing for your exams. Well, like arranging all the materials you need in a way that makes it easy to access and refer to them.

4. Find a way to get rid of distractions

The most obvious thing that aids in procrastination is distractions. Things like your phone, the internet, the radio and television. Are the biggest distractions in the modern age. A few things you can do to get rid of distractions. Is to make sure that you keep your phone far away from your study area and turning off the television and radio.

5. Create a reward and punishment system

Reward and punishment systems work to motivate you to do the work. That you have purposed to do within a certain time frame. When you complete a particularpartn of the material within the designated time. Give yourself a reward that will motivate you to move to the next part. You feel rewards in the pleasure centers of the brain and make us want more of the reward. The inverse is true when you trigger the pain centers of the brain. By a punishment and encourage us to avoid the behavior that led to the punishment.5

In Conclusion

Following these tips will help you prepare for your exams. And will lead to a good performance in your exams. Positive exam results will further motivate you. To prepare better for your next exams.

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