The Benefits of STEM Education

The Benefits of STEM Education

What is STEM Education?

STEM education is the integration of science, technology, engineering and mathematics to create an interdisciplinary approach to learning. STEM learning is highly thought of in both education and business as it is seen as the ideal way to provide a relevant hands-on learning experience for students that prepares them for a career in this field.

Why is STEM Education so important today?

STEM Education is important today as we realise the significant role each of the subject areas plays in developing the world we live in. STEM learning and STEM teaching are not new concepts and have been in the education arenas since the 1980’s, becoming known widely as STEM in the early 2000’s. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics are key to the entire world and students who are exposed to STEM Learning are not only taught the four key subject areas but also skills such as critical thinking, innovation and resilience. Producing STEM graduates not only bolsters our economy but also moves us forward in terms of discovery and invention.

Who benefits from STEM?

It’s a simple question with an obvious answer! We all benefit from STEM. How we benefit is much more complex. With the increase in life expectancy and the growing number of people on earth we are reaching crisis point. Not only do we need to consider how to improve the environmental outlook we also need to find new ways of living sustainably so that future generations get to enjoy life on earth! We need more STEM workers than ever to develop these new ways of living and to reinvent the world as we know it. It is an exciting time to be on a STEM pathway as you are making a difference every day. The job market is ever changing, and we need to diversify in order to meet our climate goals and find ways forward, the better the STEM education, the better our chances are at achieving success.

Tell me a bit about STEM and my future

Students who follow a STEM pathway are opening themselves to a whole new world, literally! A world where you get to help shape the future, to design and innovate and to make change for the better. STEM jobs also boast low unemployment rates, increased demand and above average salaries. STEM careers are also known as the jobs of the future! Just a few of the possible STEM careers are:

  1. Software Developer
  2. Statistician
  3. Mathematician
  4. Cartographer
  5. Computer Systems Analyst
  6. Actuary
  7. Civil Engineer
  8. Environmental Engineer
  9. Biochemist
  10. Civil Engineer

The list is endless and varied, STEM is clearly the way forward! The easiest way to define it is not to ask what is STEM to my future but to accept that STEM is the future. We are confident if you embrace STEM you will not regret it!

What does Phi know about STEM?

We are passionate about STEM and are experts in the field of science and maths. We have a wealth of knowledge ready to share with you! We love STEM so much that ‘we continue to offer the Phi Tuition Scholarship programme, to help bright students from low income families study Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) at GCSE and A Level, with a view to continuing the subjects at university.’ We have programmes made to suit all learners at all stages of their learning and can provide regular or holiday learning opportunities. How can you choose anyone else but us if you are looking for tuition in these subjects – contact us today to get a bespoke plan for your studies.

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