The Role of the Teacher in the Near Distant Future

The Role of the Teacher in the Near Distant Future

The Role of the Teacher in the Near Distant Future

Introduction of technological classrooms to teachers

Teaching is one of the oldest professions and yet has been slower in technological advancement in comparison to other roles in society. The time has come for it to catch up, but it begs the question, what will the role of teachers be in a more technologically advanced classroom?

The time of traditional black and whiteboards, exercise books, lines and handwritten essays has passed and arriving in its place are computers, visualisers and online homework. Classrooms are turning into shared workspaces and students are being taught in collaborative university style lecture halls and seminar groups.

Teachers are becoming facilitators of learning and are expected to be experts in young minds, their subject areas and the latest advancements in educational technology. Sounds like a lot to balance!

Are teachers ready?

Education has shifted but one concern is that the teachers within the system are not yet geared up for this evolution. Technologies are being installed but the question remains; are teachers prepared to use them and have they had the training required? It is a fine balance for teachers to juggle all their responsibilities and learn a new technological language. This is made harder when their students come to school already fluent in the technologies, they themselves just beginning to learn about.

Some of the best CPD opportunities for teachers are technology based but having the time to attend regular CPD in work time is difficult. These tools are constantly evolving but there is a growing concern that a lack of regular CPD means that teachers are not able to keep up with the changes.

The technological knowledge gap between students leaving school and starting at university is widening and whilst this is the result of many factors, one of these is the lack of speed in introducing technology into schools.

So, what is the role of teachers in the near distant future?

Teachers are skilled at traversing the fine line between wellbeing and education and this must continue so that our students leave school as well rounded, well-educated young people.

However, teachers now need to have a genuine focus on developing the technological skills of students outside of computer-based lessons. Collaborative and online learning are exciting developments that can widen the knowledge students have of the world and teachers can share their understanding with a wider audience.

Teachers can utilise technology to help with marking papers and setting home learning as well as researching and developing exciting and engaging lesson content that will inspire the future generation to make the most of their school days.

The role of teachers in the near-distant future seems to be comprised of the following:

  • Mentors
  • Facilitators
  • Technological experts
  • Subject specialists
  • Student focused role models

When you break it down like this – who wouldn’t want to be a teacher?

How does Phi fit in?

Here at Phi we are proud of the skills our team hold and we use innovative teaching techniques to ensure our students are active in their own learning journey.

We teach students from Key Stage 3 – University and beyond! We offer a range of learning opportunities from courses during the school term to courses during the holidays as well as online courses so we can support students anywhere at any time.

We have embraced the need for a more technological educational offering and feel that this is a big part of the successes we celebrate.

We are proud of our expert teachers and their detailed knowledge of their subjects – if you want to succeed then Phi is the way forward.

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