Setting Priorities for Learning – A Guide

Setting Priorities for Learning – A Guide

In order to maximise your learning potential, you must become adept at managing your time and knowing how to prioritise tasks. We have compiled some of the most useful advice for you so that you can start your time management journey right away! Take a look through our key advice below.

Make A To-Do List

If you don’t have a to-do list then you will never remember what needs to be done! Make a huge to-do list of everything that you need to achieve, put it all in one list and then you can allocate the time to get done when you make your plan. The great thing about writing every small thing down is that you will free your mind to focus on the task in hand rather than the million other things you can’t stop thinking about!

Have A Plan

Planning is key to prioritising and managing time effectively. Map out your week and then break it down into days and then into time slots. Make sure you plan for everything, including the fun stuff, so that you know precisely what is going to happen and when. The really good thing about planning is that you can slot in time to start working down that to-do list as well as making sure you take time for yourself that you may miss if you end up staring at social media for too long and then panicking about a deadline!

Set and Stick to Deadlines

For every to-do, you have to make sure you have a deadline to get it done by and do not move that deadline! Start with sorting the things you are dreading the most so that they can be done and dusted and then move onto the next item. The great thing about hitting a deadline is that it makes you feel like you are winning at life and that will give you the confidence to keep smashing your goals.

Chunk Your Tasks

Don’t try to tackle mammoth tasks in one go, break it down into manageable chunks and don’t work on the same thing for more than an hour tops. Give yourself a break and then move on to something new. Before you know it, you will have completed the big task without any stress and managed to tick off lots of smaller goals along the way.

Remove Distractions

This tip is crucial! When you sit down to work you must remove all distractions – phones, social media, TVs and anything else that will pull you away from what you should be doing. Distractions will mean that your time is wasted and your plan will not be met. Factor in time for all the things that you like, just don’t let them have the time that you’d allocated to something else.

By learning to manage your time and prioritise tasks you will be able to get yourself ready for anything that school, college, university or work throws at you, Planning helps to focus the mind but more importantly, it helps you to keep your stress levels low and your success levels high. If you need to plan in some tuition time then call us here at Phi Tuition where we would be glad to help you get your studies on track.

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