State Education Vs Private Education

State Education Vs Private Education

The British education system is one of the most diverse of its kind. We have a myriad of different school types from free schools to academies and grammar schools to private; all of which will suggest that they have the edge over each other! If you are wondering which is the best then take a look at our overview of the differences between state education and private schools below.

Teacher Training

Interestingly there is a common misconception that teachers in private schools have better educations that those in state-funded schools. The reality is that all teachers have had the same training and their skills should be at the same level. Many parents argue that this is not the case and teachers are often blamed for poor exam results when the reasons are usually far more complicated.

Class Sizes

Smaller class sizes are seen as better but there is lots of research that claims class size has less of an impact on outcomes than people would believe. However, many teachers comment that a smaller class means better pupil welfare as no one can slip under the radar and it makes for a tightly knit school community. There is no doubt that teachers are able to spend far more time on feedback and advice if they are teaching less than half the students they would teach if they were in a state school. However, state schools tend to have a more diverse population and it is in these classrooms that students get to know about different cultures and identities that then help them grow into open-minded and supportive adults.

National Curriculum

State schools have to follow the government’s National Curriculum and this cannot be deviated from as it offers all students access to a broad and balanced education that is rooted in the belief system of the country. Private schools do not have this pressure and are not required to follow the National Curriculum which leaves them scope to offer a much narrower curriculum in which they expect their students to excel. Much of what is taught is geared to university entrance and this can result in students not having access to subjects that they may be gifted in.

Extracurricular Activities

Both public and state schools offer extracurricular opportunities but the difference is that state schools rely on the goodwill of teachers to run them in their free time whereas private schools will pay for classes for their students. Both school systems fully support the need for extracurricular opportunities and it is often these opportunities that help students decide which path they want to take in life.


The obvious difference between the two education systems is that state education is free, with parents paying for school trips and small expenses. Private schools are expensive and parents pay a termly fee plus extras to ensure their child’s place is secure.

Which is Best?

Here at Phi Tuition, we believe there is merit in both systems and the key to real success is the collaboration that gives students the chance to experience each other’s worlds. We are proud to work with a diverse range of students and look forward to discussing your tuition requirements. Just pick up the phone and give us a call.

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