How To Find A Balance Between Learning And Life

How To Find A Balance Between Learning And Life

In a world where education is crucial to success, many students find themselves overworked and incredibly stressed. Finding a balance between learning and life is an essential part of a healthy life and achieving this not only results in lower stress levels but higher success rates. Check out some of our top tips to help you find the balance for you or your child.

Routines Are Essential

One of the key ingredients in finding a balance is to implement a healthy routine that helps you achieve everything you need to feel fulfilled. The most successful students create a timetable that helps them to see when they need to work when they need to play and everything in between.

These routines not only provide a clear framework to follow but will enable a student to look forward to downtime without it creeping into their focused study time. There are many great resources online that can help you to map out each week.

Sleep For Success

Another significant aspect of finding a balance is to get the right amount of sleep. There is significant research that proves that teenagers need more sleep than adults, and so any routine implementation must cover the right levels of sleep.

Sleep not only improves mood and wellbeing but impacts on focus and attention, meaning that every activity a young person works on will be better if they have enjoyed a decent amount of sleep the night before.

Study Smart

One common problem for students is that they often spend too much time focused on the wrong thing, resulting in poor understanding and greater time spent studying. To combat this issue, a student must understand what they need to work on before they begin studying.

Simple ways of achieving this are through knowledge checklists, using feedback and having discussions with their teachers and tutors. Once a student knows what they need to work on, they can then streamline their learning to push forward and achieve success.

The Multi-Tasking Myth

Multi-tasking is held up as an essential skill, but it reduces your capability to complete one thing to the standard required. In fact, some studies dispel multi-tasking as a myth and state that pushing people to multi-task results in poor academic results and higher stress levels.

Instead of trying to multi-task, students need to focus on completing one task to the best of their capabilities before moving onto the next. This ethos can be supported with routine planners and will help your child to learn that focus is a crucial element in finding a balance within life.

Get Help

Finally, if your child struggles to know what to work on and when then it may be advisable to get some help from a specialist provider. Here at Phi Tuition, we work hard to help students develop their understanding as well as teaching them to get a better grasp of what they need to do to move their learning forward. We even have a wide range of resources that you can use to help with planning!

If you are keen to help your child with finding a balance in their lives, then call us today; we would love to help!

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