How To Create A Great Study Area At Home

How To Create A Great Study Area At Home

The need for independent study is vital to achieving success, but many students fail to consider their environment before starting on their work. To help them reach their potential, you must provide a great study area that can be used to get homework and extended learning done. Read on to get our tips to creating a space that works.

Decluttering Is Vital

A tidy corner is far more productive than a messy bedroom because your child can put all their focus into what is in front of them rather than the mess they are surrounded by. The good news is that they will not need tons of space, and you can quickly turn a corner into a great study area with a few simple tweaks.

When you pick the location of the study area, it is a good idea to ensure that they are not positioned in front of any distractions as this will give them the best chance to focus. The area does not need to be permanent but should be available for a specific time every day so that they build healthy learning habits.

Peace and Quiet

The next step to creating a great study area is to make sure that it is in a low traffic area with minimal noise. A kitchen is not a great idea unless you do not plan to use it at all during the study time, but you may find that a quiet dining room works perfectly.

If you have more than one child, you will need to work out a schedule that suits everyone’s activities to ensure that all your children get a dedicated time to focus on their learning.

Essential Tools

Gone are the days where a pen and paper were the perfect learning tools! Instead, a great study area calls for a computer or tablet that can be used for research and completion of tasks. However, it is wise to use blockers on the devices so that your child can only access the work they need to complete rather than social media!

You may also want to consider a printer and specific study books that will help your child to undertake their work to the best of their ability. You can create a handy library of books that are easy to reach so that the focus on learning is a visual reminder at all times. There are many great resources available, and you can always ask advice from your child’s teacher or us if you are looking for texts that will support their learning.

Online Tuition

If you have decided to enrol your child with a tuition service like ours, then you may have opted for an online support package. This can be done from the new study area that you have designed as long as there is good internet access for your child to join our lessons.

If you want more information on how our online sessions work or need some help deciding what would work best for your child then get in touch; we would be happy to help you arrange the right support so that your child thrives. Call us today!

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