How Social Segregation and Social Mobility Affects Outcomes

How Social Segregation and Social Mobility Affects Outcomes

One of the most significant issues that affects outcomes is the way students live; the top 10% of citizens own more than half of the country’s wealth, and the gap between them and the most impoverished families is growing at an alarming rate.

The Social Mobility Commission came into force to monitor the work being done to improve social mobility across England. As part of their work, they monitor the progress being made in education and recently published a report entitled: ‘Monitoring Social Mobility

2013–2020: Is the Government Delivering On Our Recommendations?’ which intends to show how well the Government is improving outcomes and reducing social segregation in education.

What Impact Has There Been From Education?

Sadly, the report is pretty damning when it comes to the progress being made in education as a whole. From eighteen areas, the Government has only delivered impact in seven areas, with six areas being defined as insufficient and a shocking five areas with no action being taken.

The direct impact of this on students is that schools are not able to provide a diverse education that fits the needs of all learners and that social segregation has not improved, leaving many children without the potential to improve their lives.

How Bright Is The Future?

We all hope that the future offers something better for our young people, but the conclusion of the report states that irrespective of what the Government may have wanted to achieve, ‘the situation on the ground is not getting better’.

Exam results continue to disappoint, there is a real lack of opportunities at an extracurricular level, and students are not meeting their potential at any level. This is a stark reminder that our students are being let down despite the efforts of individual teachers to buck the alarming trend.

How Significant Is OFSTED To Social Mobility?

OFSTED’s role is to support schools to reach their potential and in doing so, make England more socially mobile than ever before. Sadly, it has been determined that the inspection system, along with the Department for Education, does very little in supporting change when it comes to social segregation.

OFSTED endure repeated criticism of their narrow view of education; pupils are not getting access to enough opportunities to change their future. If the organisations with the power to change things are not demanding this, then the reality is that nothing will change.

What Parents Can Do

If you are the parent of a school-aged child, then this may all feel extremely negative. The good news is that many schools are working hard to support a more socially mobile community for their students. However, the onus is on you to find the school placements that work best for your child.

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