How Online Tuition is Reaching More Students

How Online Tuition is Reaching More Students

It’s no shock to learn that more students than ever before are looking for ways to advance their learning away from school, especially with the government commitment to providing quality opportunities for extended learning. The lasting impact of COVID-19 means that many of the UK’s students are worried about falling behind and want to find ways of reducing gaps in learning, meaning that online tuition is more popular than ever before.

However, with such a huge shift in demand, it’s clear that changes had to be made. Find out how online tuition is now reaching more students than ever before!

The Demand for Additional Learning

The media attention on education has grown significantly over the last two years, and with it, so has the interest of the nation. Never before has there been such a spotlight on how to level the playing fields in schools and how some pupils seem to be offered everything whilst other groups are left with very little.

This growth in understanding has led to a bigger demand for educational opportunities for all, and the rise of online tuition has been able to offer more students than ever before then chance of academic support when they need it the most.

The Government Input

Another big reason for the growth in online tuition is the UK government’s response to the pandemic on education. With over £1 billion of funding promised to catch students up, online tuition services offer a simple solution for students that need the support.

Arranged at times that suit individuals and tailored to meet their personal needs, online tuition not only plugs the gaps that have been created by multiple lockdowns but promises a way for students to get their needs met in small groups or in one to one sessions.

The Shift Back to Exams

As we move back towards a system that is governed by exams, many students, parents, and schools are worried about the effect on results, especially with such large gaps in learning that need to be plugged.

One of the proven methods for resolving this issue is through online tuition as an addition to regular schooling. Online tutors work with individuals to understand where their knowledge needs work and then match them with other learners who are in the same position and work with them to close the gaps. The great thing about online learning is that students don’t need to live locally to be part of the tuition group, and so learner groups can be based on knowledge rather than geography.

Choose Phi for Your Child

If you are keen to get involved with the trend for online tuition, then it is important that you find a service that has the skills, experience and technology needed in order to help your child. At Phi, we have worked with countless numbers of students over the years and have a well-developed online service that can fit your schedule. We ensure we use the latest and most up to date tools, such as I-Nucleus, to give your child the best educational experience. Call us today to arrange a session for your child and enjoy everything that online tuition has to offer.

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